Naruto Chapter 566 Review / Thoughts

Now I admit, after reading the last chapter I expected Naruto and Bee to basically blitz through the other Jinchuriki Edo Tensei, so the fact they are having trouble dealing with them pleases me. Being able to transform in to their tailed beast form is a great way to give them a power boost and stack the deck further against Bee and Naruto who until now have had everything going there way, while it was also nice to see Tobi playing his part while hiding underground as it shows he is not merely stationary and watching the battle.

The ending is what I really liked though, the chapter was decent anyway, but I loved the way it ended. Tobi about to capture Naruto only to be stopped by the sudden appearance of Guy and Kakashi? Yes please!  I haven’t felt so pleased with an ending to a Naruto chapter for a very long time, and it’s because of Kakashi. I have been a huge fan of his since I started the series, he’s always been my favourite character but in Shippuden he has rarely had the opportunity to get a proper full battle for himself, and thus panel time has been lacking for him.

With him and Guy arriving, hopefully now this will change. Kakashi and Guy vs Tobi would indeed be a fantastic fight, and that’s what I am hoping will play out as Bee and Naruto deal with the other jinchuriki by themselves.

I have also been thinking recently about Sasuke’s lack of appearances, since his EMS was revealed and he took down Zetsu we are yet to see him again, but I think that will change soon. I get the feeling that a possible scenario will involve Tobi being pushed in to a bad position by Kakashi and Guy, and then as things are looking bad for him Sasuke will appear. Tobi will of course be happy to have some backup and will probably arrogantly boast about how the tables have turned, but instead of helping Tobi I think Sasuke will finish him off for good.

It would actually be quite a logical move as it gives Sasuke the opportunity to show off his new EMS powers, while also at the same time tying in nicely with the type of person/character Sasuke is. When you think about it, he used Orochimaru to gain power, and then when it was time for him to return the favour, he killed Orochimaru without hesitation because he had no further skills or power to gain from him. So we know Sasuke has no qualms about that sort of thing, and with the help of Tobi he has gained enormous power, but realistically now has nothing else to gain from listening to him since he aquired the EMS. Also, the fact that Tobi was still a part of the Uchiha massacre probably doesn’t sit too well with Sasuke. We know he blames Konoha for that, but he did also swear to kill the other person involved when Itachi first told him he had an accomplice, and later on he aimed a Chidori straight at Tobi with no hesitation when he tried to stop Sasuke heading to Konoha after finding out the Killer Bee Sasuke captured was a fake.


Of course that’s just my opinion on what might happen, so if you have any ideas of your own on the matter then feel free to leave a comment below. Overall then it was a pretty damn awesome chapter this week, and the potential of Kakashi’s upcoming fight has me feeling excited about the series once again.


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