Naruto Shippuden Episode 243 Review / Thoughts

Well it’s been a long time coming, but the fillers in the Naruto Anime have finally come to an end and the canon has now begun.

After these months of filler the majority of  Naruto fans will be delighted to see canon return, and this episode shouldn’t disappoint those who are still Anime only viewers. Not to imply those who have read the Manga won’t enjoy this, as a Manga reader myself I can confirm the episode is fine regardless.

The actual story from the episode is that Naruto and his crew finally arrive at the island they were headed for, where Naruto was told in a prophecy by the great Sage Toad he would meet an Octopus who could help him. In this episode Naruto finds out a little more about Killer Bee, including the fact he has control over his tailed beast. Naruto obviously wants Bee to help him learn to control his own tailed beast, but after a short meeting where Naruto asks for Bee’s help he is turned down much to his annoyance.

But enough of the plot, I am sure anyone who has seen the episode or has an interest in it will know about that stuff anyway. So how was the episode? Really rather good in my honest opinion. The more cynical side of me wonders if it’s just because I haven’t been watching Naruto for months because of the fillers that my opinion on some actual new canon is positive, but then I think back to the episode and realise it’s not the case at all. Of late my love for Naruto as a series has been fading, the Anime especially, but when an episode is good I have no problems in saying so.

Besides, any episode with Killer Bee brofisting a Gorilla has to be good, in fact, it’s surely an unwritten rule that any episode of anything is automatically great if someone brofists a Gorilla, what more could anyone ask for? Aside from that great moment, we also got to see Dark Naruto in the Anime for the first time, and I am sure I noticed a couple of new tracks being played in the episode too, perhaps this will be the year we finally see Shippuden OST 3?

So yes, in conclusion, I enjoyed this episode quite a lot, and judging by what’s to come this arc should be one to remember and one that any Naruto fan should make their mission to watch.


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  1. I like the efforts you have put in this, thanks for all the great blog posts.

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