Bleach Chapter 479 – Goodbye to Our Xcution Review / Thoughts

My first Bleach review for this site, since the Fullbring arc is brought to a close with this chapter, I thought this was as good a time as any to start. But anyway, on to the chapter itself.

Well let me start by saying I think the Fullbring arc as a whole has been very good, it’s my favourite since Turn back the Pendulum in fact. While the ending wasn’t the greatest, overall I think it was a great way to start over after the battle with Aizen. But yes, this is the last chapter of the Fullbring arc regardless, with Kubo apparently mentioning a new arc starting immediately.

I want to say I loved the chapter this week, the arc definitely went out on a high note as we see what happens after the conclusion of Ichigo’s battle with Ginjo. Ichigo himself, ever the noble person, goes to Soul Society requesting Ginjo’s body since he wants to bury him in the mortal/human world. Of course it takes the other captains etc by surprise upon hearing his request, but really of course the readers know it’s pretty typical behaviour for Ichigo. A bit later in the chapter we also get to see Riruka’s departure. After sneaking away from Urahara’s store where she was resting, she eventually disappears herself without telling anyone since she knew everybody would remember her anyway, and she silently thanks Ichigo, Orihime, Chad and Ginjo in her thoughts before disappearing.

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who is yet to read the chapter, but two familiar faces also make an appearance in this chapter and have apparently returned for good, something I quite honestly couldn’t be happier about, especially as one of them is one of my favourite characters.  This chapter did a good job of wrapping up a couple of loose ends and felt like a rather satisfying end to the arc, what kind of impact the returning characters will have remains to be seen, but overall I loved this chapter much like I have the majority of the Fullbring arc.

What does Kubo have in store next? Who knows, but unfortunately Bleach will be going on yet another break, and this time for 3 weeks, so we will sadly have a long wait to find out.


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