Naruto Chapter 569 – Prove Your Will!! Review / Thoughts

It’s been a while since the last chapter since one again there was a break for Shonen Jump, but now that is over and the new chapter of Naruto is out. Was it worth the wait? In my opinion, no, it really wasn’t.

I was actually rather happy with the last chapter which had it’s share of good moments, and that’s another reason why this was such a let down. In all honesty I can’t remember one moment in this latest chapter that made me think “Wow, this is great” or even “Hey, that’s pretty interesting”.  From start to finish it was pretty damn boring, Naruto continued talking with the Yonbi for a while and was trying to remove the rod that was controlling it, all while the Kyuubi was sat thinking to itself about Naruto and how he never gives up.

The thing is we don’t get an awful lot of pages per week, so when they are good it leaves you wishing for more, but when it’s a bad chapter you just end up thinking to yourself what an absolute waste of 20 pages it was.  Now I am not one of the people who dislikes the talking segments of Naruto, in fact they often end up as some of my favourites, but what I do dislike is the fact that out of about 19 pages, 3 or 4 of them were wasted with nothing but flashbacks….yes you read it right, 3-4 pages of damn flashbacks. I fear for the Anime version when it gets to this part, they love adding flashbacks at the best of times so who knows how far they will stretch it, but that’s another topic for another day.

In my opinion, this was a very boring and pointless chapter. Naruto does get the odd week like this so I am not too worried currently, my only hope is that now the flashbacks are out of the way, it will leave next week open for more action and/or the characters and story actually moving along a bit.


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