Naruto Shippuden Episode 244 – Killer Bee and Motoi Review / Thoughts

Last week as readers of this blog will know, I praised the first episode of Shippuden last week that returned us to canon, and I am happy to say that the quality has kept up with this episode too.

Now the story last week was mostly about Naruto and training at the Waterfall of Truth to gain control over the Kyuubi, but now this week with him having had little success, we are instead treated to some backstory on Killer Bee and Motoi (as you probably guessed from the episode title).

The flashbacks were done very well and the emotion was real as Motoi relayed the story of how Bee became a Jinchuriki and what affect that had on him. As kids Motoi and Bee were best friends, but after a rampaging Hachibi killed his father, Motoi began to despise the Hachibi which came to include Bee who was chosen as the new host. Motoi even attempted to kill Bee because of the hatred he had built up, but when the attack was easily brushed off by Bee, instead of being angry or upset with Motoi, he instead acted as if nothing had happened and stuck out his fist to bump.

That’s the main part of this episode, exploring the kind of relationship between Motoi and Bee. In the Manga I don’t remember being especially fond of this part, but the Anime really has done in brilliantly and I found myself really enjoying it all. At the end as Motoi is being attacked by a giant squid (the same one that appeared in the last episode), he is saved by Bee who despite finally hearing the truth of the past, still acted calm and happy and saying all he remembers is that Motoi is his best friend, a sentiment that moves Motoi to tears.

There isn’t an awful lot of Naruto action (as in the character) for this episode, but sitting back and letting the other characters take centre stage is a refreshing change of pace, and overall it has ended up producing a very good episode of the Anime. Next week shall see a return to more Naruto oriented action as he must face the Kyuubi in battle, and I for one can’t wait to see that happen.


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