Naruto Chapter 570 – Kurama – Review / Thoughts

So, another week brings another chapter of Naruto, but after the disappointment of last week, did this chapter make up for it? Not really.

Of course for those following the current predicament of Naruto and Bee’s battle with the other tailed beasts and Tobi, last week was annoying for the fact that after being made to wait for ages to see some progress in that battle made, instead it was filled with flashbacks. Really what this chapter is should have been the one put out last week while the other was scrapped, as this does continue more on with actual plot relevance.  This chapter did have some flashbacks again, though thankfully they were far fewer than the previous chapter and weren’t used as a cheap trick to pad out a huge portion of the chapter.

Anyway, less about that and more on the content of this actual chapter. It starts off as expected with Naruto removing the black rod from the Yonbi, who still isn’t all too trusting of Naruto’s claims about wanting to help. Also, since Naruto exhausted most of his Chakra during the fight he is pretty much at Tobi’s mercy one on one (though of course with Bee, Kakashi and Guy around that’s not the case).  Despite this, Naruto keeps his typical never say die attitude up as the Kyuubi (Or Kurama as he is now known) continued to watch and listen to his actions. Things were beginning to look even worse when Tobi (Finally) summoned the Gezo Mado statue proclaiming that he has no intentions of going easy on them, and that they still have two things that belong to him. Of course ir’s not that simple, and the chapter ended with Naruto and Kurama agreeing to work together fully as a team for the first time, with Naruto telling Kurama that he is no longer a demon fox, but instead someone he considers to be a fellow Konoha comrade.


Ok then, let that sink in for a moment – the Kyuubi, supposedly pretty much the embodiment of hatred made possible by the massive Chakra it carries, a creature who for as long as the world has existed wreaked terrible chaos across nations – and now he willingly agrees to help a 15-16 year old teenager……yeah.

We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later, and there is a part of me excited by the prospect of them working together just to see how insane a power up it is and how Naruto will use it. (though this being Naruto, probably more shadow clones and Rasengan variants). However, as someone who liked the Kyuubi for what it was – a badass demon who only cared for itself and was immune to TnJ – this new side of it disappoints and annoys me. I always knew Naruto would find a way of doing it, that much was obvious, but it still doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. Most likely now Naruto and Bee are going to just smash through the other tailed beasts with no problems, and that again is going to be annoying (and also predictable).

Even going away from that annoyance, the whole chapter suffered from the same flaw – horribly predictable outcomes. Naruto was always going to tame the Kyuubi and free Yonbi from the chakra rod, and where it added nothing else noteworthy it almost seemed like a waste of time. Tobi summoning Gedo Mazo was the only part I enjoyed / was worth reading, and that hardly even got to do anything in this chapter (besides the fact of course Tobi was a moron for not just summoning the statue right at the start).


So yes, overall an average at best chapter. Some annoyances (however inevitable) that only serve to better set up the next chapter. I think next week will be better since it will be more about the battle again hopefully instead of more TnJ by Naruto which is an instant improvement, and maybe even Tobi will actually be allowed to do something for once too.



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