Naruto Shippuden Episode 245 – Naruto vs Kyuubi! Review / Thoughts

So from the title alone I am sure many expected a lot from this episode, afterall, Naruto vs Kyuubi is a massive battle and with the possibility of Naruto gaining control over the Kyuubi, a lot is riding on it. But then again, maybe episode titles can be deceiving?

Well the answer is yes and no, as while we do see the very start of Naruto vs Kyuubi, it comes right at the end of the episode and has basically left everything for next week instead. But no matter, that at least gives something to look forward to whether you’re an Anime only viewer seeing it for the first time, or if you have already read it in the Manga and simply want to see certain parts animated.

But anyway, what did this episode have then if not Kyuubi vs Naruto? Well what we did get to see is Naruto’s continuing training at the Waterfall of Truth. While before Naruto had little luck in defeating his inner self, after learning more about Bee and Motoi (and with Killer Bee’s encouragement) he decided to try again. This time though things were different, as Naruto realised that fighting against someone who could use all his same attacks and strategies was pointless. Instead of fighting, Naruto instead rejects the idea of hating people for the way he was treated in the early days and proclaims that he will instead believe in the version of him that the villagers of Konoha do – that being the village hero who everyone admires. His inner self protests and rushes to attack, but as he gets close Naruto reaches out and hugs him, thanking him for helping to make him strong, but that now instead of being two seperate entities they would be together and could work as one from now on.

That’s what filled up most of the episode, with a little bit of Bee preparing Naruto to face the Kyuubi by taking him to a secret place behind the waterfall that was specially designed for Jinchuriki to try and master the control over their tailed beasts.

Overall the episode was good but not great, it was a little disappointing thanks to the slightly misleading episode title, but it was enjoyable enough regardless. While not as good as the previous two episodes in this arc, it is still definitely worth your time watching and is fairly enjoyable all things considered. Besides, it also sets up nicely for next week, which if done right could end up one of the very best Shippuden episodes, and is definitely going to be one you don’t want to miss.


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