Brave10 Episode 3 Review / Thoughts

Sorry the review is a bit late again, but unfortunately subs for Brave10 seem to take a while. But anyway, this episode was worth the wait as Brave10 continues to prove highly entertaining.

In this episode Saizo (along with a new character Kakei) are sent to Izumo to try and gather information as to why people are so desperate to capture / kidnap Isanami. Since neither Saizo or Kakei really know the way, Isanami also tags along so that she can show them herself. Of course, Isanami thinks it’s a great chance to spend more time with Saizo, and is very disappointed when she realises that Kakei is also going as it spoils their trip as a “couple”.

As they are heading to Izumo, while crossing a bridge Saizo is taken by surprise as what appears to be a bandit appears and traps him using her wind powers. Kakei (who was still on firm ground since his fear of heights was putting him off crossing the bridge) shot a few of the bandit’s lackeys who were about to kill Isanami. The bandit escapes however with Isanami and later both Saizo and Kakei give chase to try and rescue Isanami.

That was the basis for the episode, and I really liked it. To begin with the comedy angle was being played up with Isanami flirting with Saizo and wanting to sleep with him a bit later in the episode, much to Saizo’s annoyance of course. The comedy is ok but far too common and predictable, unfortunately I can see Isanami’s obsession with Saizo will probably become very annoying before too long. We do get to see Saizo face off against the bandit at the end of the episode, with Saizo himself coming across as pretty damn badass I have to say. Although initially knocked back by the enemy’s attack, it doesn’t take long before Saizo regains his composure and expertly takes care of the bandit.  While the bandit is pretty psychotic and actually enjoys being sliced up by Saizo (and at the end begs for him to finish her off so she can feel the elation rushing through her body……yeah), that doesn’t happen as Isanami gets in the way of Saizo’s sword as he was about to finish the job. Saizo’s eyes were filled with rage and anger, and the bandit claimed she could tell by his eyes that he has been in the darkness a long time and that he must have killed countless people.

It’s a shame Saizo was stopped because it would have been the icing on the cake for him to ruthlessly finish off his opponent like that, but then again it was to be expected I guess. Saizo definitely takes centre stage in this episode, and that’s why it has turned out so well in my view as he is a great character and keeps the show interesting.

Overall this was a damn fine episode and one that was worth the wait, roll on next week!


2 Responses to Brave10 Episode 3 Review / Thoughts

  1. Madoka says:

    The bandit is a he not a she XP

    • Tokyo Mao says:

      I’ll be honest and admit I wasn’t 100% sure which gender he/she was, the subtitles on the episode kept contradicting each other in that regard.

      This is a screencap for example from when Saizo was about to kill the bandit, where it’s implied the bandit is a woman, though in other parts the bandit was referred to as a guy, so it got a little confusing.

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