Naruto Chapter 571 – Bijuu Mode! Review / Thoughts

After the disappointing chapter last week, I was fearing the worst for this one since I knew yet again it would be focusing almost entirely on Naruto. Thankfully though, my fears were misplaced as this week proved that even chapters just about Naruto can turn out great.


As you can tell from both the title and the picture, in the latest chapter we see Naruto enter Bijuu mode for the first time. I was looking forward to seeing how Naruto would use the power given to him by Kurama, and this week we were able to see for ourselves. I for one feel that Naruto’s new look is badass and awesome. He bears quite a resemblance to Rikudou Sennin in this form, which again hints at the fact he is indeed the child of prophecy. But back to the chapter itself, at the time of Naruto first activating this new mode, both Kakashi and Guy were in serious trouble against the other tailed beasts. Guy was going to open the 8 inner gates which would have killed him, and Kakashi was going to try a massive Kamui to warp them all away (which would have probably exhausted all of his Chakra and resulted in his death too).

Luckily for them, a new powered up Naruto appeared like a flash and deflected the other Bijuu’s multiple Bijuu Dama attack that was aimed right for Guy and Kakashi. Where it happened so fast, both Kakashi and Guy were caught off guard, with Kakashi momentarily wondering if the blinding flash that had just saved their lives was his old sensei (and Naruto’s father) – “The Yellow Flash”  Minato Namikaze.  Obviously they were both left surprised when they realised that it was in fact Naruto in his new form, who then proceeded to sense out the location of the chakra rods embedded in to the Jinchuriki so that they can be removed.

Kurama did warn Naruto that he only had 5 minutes worth of time in the new mode since it’s the first time he has ever used it, but Naruto wasn’t worried and claimed he could have things done by then anyway. Perhaps most interesting is that this new development never even phazed Tobi, who in fact thought to himself that now he could kill both Bee and Naruto if he wanted to, though of course doing so was out of the question.


So this chapter was just to show off Naruto’s new form and him working together with Kurama at long last, and what I was worried about being a poor chapter instead turned out to be very enjoyable. How much you enjoy it will depend on how impressed you are with the new form, as there is little else to speak of for this week, but most people will probably be glad to see just how Naruto is using this new powerup.


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