Naruto Shippuden Episode 246 – The Orange Spark Review / Thoughts

Before we even get started, let me just say I loved this episode. Loved loved loved it just as expected, and one of my favourite Naruto episodes as a whole. The only thing that gets me more excited than this episode is the fact that next week could well equal or maybe even surpass it. But anyway, I suppose I had better say why I enjoyed this so much!


Following from last week, the episode starts with Naruto fighting the Kyuubi. Naruto attacks it with his clones, and uses his Giant Rasengan and also Rasen Shuriken to wear down the Kyuubi so he could start extracting it’s power as Bee instructed him previously. However, despite making a start on pulling away that power, along with it comes all the hatred stored inside the Kyuubi, and Naruto begins to change on the outside by partially entering his Kyuubi cloak mode as the Fox’s influence begins to take hold.  Yamato gets ready to step in and try and control it before things get out of hand, but all of a sudden Naruto’s transformation stops, and on the inside he is taken to a bright and sparkly place where he meets a woman with red hair.


At first Naruto thinks it is the Kyuubi in the form of a woman to try and trick him, but soon realises that’s not the case. The woman hits Naruto over the head, but then immediately apologises for her short temper. After the woman tells him to take a guess, Naruto realises that the person standing in front of him is in fact his mother – Kushina.  Tears of joy stream down Naruto’s face as he instantly rushes over and hugs his mother, excitedly telling her how he had always wished to meet her. Naruto compliments Kushina on her red hair, and Kushina tells him he is only the second person who has ever done so – the first being Naruto’s father Minato – and so she tells Naruto that she will say something she only ever says to people who compliment her hair – that she loves him.  Kushina realises that Minato must not have told Naruto about her when they met, so she eventually begins telling Naruto about how she met and fell in love with Minato after Naruto asked how it happened.


Now I could go in to details about that story, but I am not going to. Truth be told almost the whole episode is about Kushina explaining some of her past to Naruto, and I don’t want to type it all out and potentially ruin it for those yet to see it. During the episode we again get to hear some new music which has me convinced we should see a new soundtrack released before the year is out, and the music choices as a whole were very good and fit well with the scenes.  For me these parts with Kushina and Minato’s past are truly some of the most emotional of all in the Naruto series, I am not going to give away spoilers for Anime only viewers, but this week is only the beginning in terms of emotion. The episode had nice animation, well placed tracks played throughout, shed some light on Naruto’s mother and some of the traits Naruto has clearly inherited from her, and overall gave more insight in to the past of Minato and Kushina, two of my personal favourite characters.


The episode was done brilliantly, the emotional parts were done just right, and at the risk of sounding clichéd, genuinely did give a warm feeling inside. Such was the quality of the episode that you honestly can feel so warm, happy and content just watching it. Kushina is instantly likeable and it’s excellent getting the chance to see her past. Basically, I can’t praise this episode enough, it was all but perfect and as good an episode as you will come across. By the standard of any Anime this episode was special, and all I can say is that everyone reading this should do themselves a favour and watch this too.



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