Naruto Chapter 573 – The Path Toward Radiance Review / Thoughts

As you can guess by this review being up already, Naruto chapter 573 had an early release today.  How was the quality of this week’s affair however?

Well truth be told it was pretty average throughout 99% of the chapter. While Tobi notices what initially appears to be sweat because of him worrying about facing Naruto, he soon realises that it is in fact rain instead, and reassures himself that Naruto poses no threat and that he would never be sweating over something so trivial. Tobi also claims that Naruto is nothing to him, and that the only purpose of him remaining alive is as a plaything for Sasuke. Elsewhere, Shikkaku tells the other members of his group to relay the message via telepathy to all the other Allied Forces members about Naruto, Killer Bee, Kakashi and Guy’s hard work against the might of the masked man claiming to be Madara.

I admit it’s pretty awesome how the news encourages everyone and they all begin to push forward to reach their goals. Hinata vows to stop trying to catch up with Naruto, and also the next time they are together she will be holding his hand and they will walk along together. Sai soon understands what it means to have friends at long last,  Kiba thinks to himself about how he had Naruto picked out as his rival ages ago, and Shikamaru wishes for Naruto to hold out a bit longer against Tobi to give him the chance to arrive and help.

That was pretty much the entirety of the chapter, however, one welcome moment came right at the end – Sasuke returning to the manga once again! Kishimoto has had a habit of making him appear for a few panels and then disappearing again, but by all accounts I think the time of Sasuke’s emergence and role in the war is just about to begin. Sasuke is seen walking in the rain towards where the battles are taking place, and I can see him truly getting involved within the next few chapters. Whether this will be in the battle between Naruto and Tobi, Madara vs the five Kage, or even perhaps Kabuto vs Itachi remains to be seen. It will most likely be Naruto vs Tobi, but whatever the outcome is I expect to see some fireworks go off when his time finally arrives.

Overall the chapter was ok, pretty average bar the appearance of Sasuke which made me like it a fair bit. If you’re not a Sasuke fan I can see a few people being disappointed as not an awful lot happened, but for anyone waiting to see him return then you will probably be fairly satisfied by the chapter for now, but also eagerly awaiting next week to see if he will finally enter a battle for real.


2 Responses to Naruto Chapter 573 – The Path Toward Radiance Review / Thoughts

  1. Derrick Chea says:

    hell yeah sasuke is gunna beat the living leaf village outa them!^_^

  2. Sunite says:

    Lool, when Tobi noticed it was rain, he was in relief haha xD kinda shocked he worried there..

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