Brave 10 Episode 5 Review / Thoughts

Hooray for a very late review of Brave10 Episode 5!  But yes, I finally found a site with the episode subbed, so now I can review it properly. Over the past 4 weeks I have praised Brave10 and enjoyed it quite a lot, but for some reason I feel this episode made less of an impact.

Last week ended with Isanami being kidnapped, but this episode began rather nicely by briefly showing a part of Saizo’s past. A fellow shinobi (and friend perhaps) of his was going to leave their village to serve his new master, but shortly afterwards he was killed and discarded like trash by some other men, as Saizo witnessed the whole incident but could do nothing to help. It was nice because it shows how and why Saizo began to regard the whole serving a master thing as beneath him, and it also showed why he is willing to kill people without hesitation.

After Saizo wakes up from his dream he gets up and tells Kakei that he is leaving and going alone from now on, to which Kakei only comments that he must have overestimated Saizo and that he would have to report it. Back in Ueda, Sasuke recieves the report about the kidnapping of Isanami, so when Sanada sees the message he orders both Sasuke and Anastasia to go and bring back all his men at any cost, so they both head out to do just that. Afterwards, we get to see Isanami with her kidnappers and in the process find out more about why they wanted her, or more precisely, her hairpin in the first place.

We find out more about it when Masamune tells a brief story about the thing in Isanami’s hairpin, a treasure known as Kushi-Mitama. Kushi-Mitama  is one of four treasures known as the Mitamas, and were originally created by men seeking great power without requesting the help of the gods. Masamune then goes on to proclaim that he will collect all four of the treasures and make himself god of the world so that he can revolutionize it in his own way. Meanwhile, after earlier dealing with an attack on their way to free Isanami, Sasuke and Anastasia arrive to save Isanami. Sasuke is the first to see where she was being held prisoner and told her he had come to save her, only to be told by Isanami that she didn’t want to be saved and have to go back to Ueda as she blamed herself for the people around her getting hurt and in trouble.  Sasuke reluctantly leaves, but a bit later Anastasia visits Isanami, and after a few stern words of advice, convinces Isanami she has to go back to Ueda and start fighting for herself as Sanada had clearly shown faith in her.

As the evening arrives everyone who originally went out from Ueda returns, but despite Isanami’s warm greeting for Saizo he ignores her and eventually even tells her to shut up. Saizo is later seen laying on the roof, but is soon attacked by Sasuke. Sasuke and Saizo have a brief fight in which Saizo seems to be clearly outmatched, all the while Sasuke telling Saizo that he was weak but that he refused to accept that. Whereas Sasuke acknowledges his weaknesses and thus hones his strengths to make up for it, Saizo instead just ignores his weaknesses altogether and pretends they don’t exist, hence being weak.

Saizo of course gets angry and the brief scrap lasts a little longer before it is broken up by the arrival of Sanada. Saizo is then faced with the question of whether he wants to remain weak as Sasuke said, or else grow stronger so that he can better protect people and things.

A little later Saizo and Kakei give their report to Sanada about what happened, though tell him thanks to everything that went on they can’t remember what the mysterious writing was they encountered. Upon hearing this, Sanada obscures Saizo’s head from the view of everyone else, and gets his assistant / guard Rokuro to use his mysterious power that allows him to drain information from something using one of his eyes and remembering it perfectly. With Rokuro now knowing exactly what Saizo saw, he writes it out so that Sanada can see for himself, though nobody other than Rokuro or Sanada knows how he was capable of obtaining the information.

As Saizo and the others are dismissed, Sanada and Rokuro remain behind and are left concerned about what the writing meant. Elsewhere, Masamune decides he is going to go to Ueda himself to get back Isanami and the power of her Kushi-Mitama.

That’s how the episode ended. It was decent enough, the backstory part for Saizo at the beginning was pretty awesome and definitely the highlight of the episode for me personally, and the Sasuke vs Saizo encounter wasn’t bad towards the end even if it wasn’t a serious battle. I think the reason I didn’t enjoy it quite as much was because of a lack of battles, as that is what makes Brave10 fun to watch. While the story is ok, it’s definitely for the fights that Brave10 will gain most of its viewers. So overall a decent episode, but sadly not as good as the previous four, something which can hopefully be set right in the next episode.


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