Dir en Grey Cancel Upcoming North American Tour

The Japanese rock band Dir en Grey announced on Tuesday that it is canceling its March-April “The STILL RECKLESS Tour” in North America because of current health problems with the band’s vocalist Kyo. Kyo’s doctor had diagnosed him with vocal nodule dysphonia, or nodules on his vocal chords.

The band additionally revealed on Wednesday it is also suspending its March and April headline shows while Kyo undergoes treatment. While Kyo’s condition does not pose any major obstacles to his daily life, Kyo has been asked to limit the use of his voice and to rest so he can recuperate. There is also a possibility that Kyo may have to undergo surgery in the future.

The band posted a message on its website apologizing to fans and and thanking them for their support, saying “To all our fans and affiliates, we are deeply sorry and please understand that this has been a very difficult decision for us as a band. To all our fans, please know that we are always thankful for your continuous support.”

The band previously toured 13 cities in North America last December.

*Credit to Anime News Network for the info*


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