Brave10 Episode 6 Review / Thoughts

Another week brings another episode of Brave10, and luckily the subs for it were out nice and early this time. So how was episode 6 of Brave10?

Much like last week it lacked the quality of previous episodes, although this one was very much meant for comedy mostly as it was set in a hotspring for most of the episode.

Basically, the episode started with the group above (also known as the Braves) coming in to Yukimura Sanada’s room only to find it in a mess with both him and Rokuro missing. At first they assume someone must have broken in and kidnapped Yukimura, while wondering how skilled the person must have been to be able to carry out the kidnapping without alerting anyone else in the process.

Shortly after however Sasuke comes jumping through the window with a letter in his hand, he hands the letter over and Saizo and the group of Braves read it, only to find the letter was from Yukimura telling them he has gone to a hotspring to relax and that they should come too. Later they arrive at the town with the hotsprings, where Saizo is annoyed by the fact everyone split up and were just doing whatever they wanted instead of looking for Yukimura. Soon Saizo comes across Kakei who is annoyed with a giant of a person who ate a meal and refused to pay for it, claiming that he was a monk and doing holy work, hence he doesn’t have to pay.

Kakei tells him to pay several times while the big man only continues to anger him with his words, but when Kakei finally has enough and points his gun towards the man, the man grabs the end with his hand and bends the rifle, ruining it in the process. Kakei then sits on the ground just staring sorrowfully at this ruined gun, while Saizo decides he has had enough and attacks the man too. Saizo throws a few kunai at the mans stomach, but even though they hit him they have no effect as the guys’ muscle impacted the blow and protected him from harm. The big man then begins to fight back, and in the end all the braves (except for Anastasia and the absent Isanami) end up taking him on. As the fight goes on, Yukimura suddenly appears to see what the commotion is about and notices the battle, but he merely stands and watches. Despite the giant mans’ great efforts of taking on several opponents at once, eventually he can’t keep up and is on the verge of losing, only for Isanami to suddenly arrive causing everyone to forget about the battle as the giant man proclaimed her to be his sister.

Isanami refutes the claim saying she doesn’t know who he is, but the man is adamant. He later shows a picture of himself to Isanami from when he was younger (and looked considerably different) to which she then realises she does in fact know this person claiming to be her brother. He tells them his name is Miyoshi, and explains that Isanami is not a blood relative of his, but that they grew up in the same orphanage as each other, and he was the one who found Isanami when he was still only 8 years old. Miyoshi is shortly after offered to stay with Yukimura and his men, and in accepting the offer basically became another member of Yukimura Sanada’s group of Braves.

After all that is done however, the rest of the episode is pretty much just spent with the characters relaxing in the hotsprings, which of course in Anime is always an excuse for comedy and some fanservice. We end up seeing Isanami complaining that her breasts aren’t as big as Anastasias’, while Anastasia tells her she is better off having small breasts as they are easier to manage. Also we then see Yukimura suddenly appearing in the women’s section and getting a look at them both, annoying Anastasia to the point of her using her ice technique to encase him in a block of ice (which at the same time made all the water cold and in essence useless to everyone else using the other side of the hotspring)

And well, that’s pretty much it. Considering I remember reading this was only going to be a short series, I don’t know why they felt the need to waste almost a whole episode in the hotsprings. The Yukimura being frozen part was slightly amusing, but other than that and introducing Miyoshi nothing of note or worth really happened. The episode was ok overall, but along with last week it has ended up making for a rather disappointing two weeks of Brave10, especially considering how much I enjoyed the earlier episodes. All I can say is that I hope things pick up next week, and that hopefully the initial promise of the early episodes doesn’t go unfulfilled in the end.


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