Naruto Chapter 574 – The Eyes That Look in to Darkness Review / Thoughts

Today is good for two reasons – firstly, chapter 574 is out nice and early again. Secondly, it has finally introduced Sasuke in to the war properly. As you can probably tell, the return of Sasuke is very welcome in the eyes of this reviewer!

So yes, although we get to see plenty of Sasuke, the chapter in fact starts off with Karin. She is in her cell back in Konoha staring at a portrait of Sasuke she made, and is unsure whether to hate him or love him, still torn between feelings after Sasuke’s attempt at killing her previously. Elsewhere we also get to see Jugo and Suigetsu, so it’s been a good chapter in terms of fans of Hebi / Taka.  After Suigetsu goes on an amusing little speech about why he stays with the team, Jugo enters curse mark mode and blows a hole in a nearby wall. In doing so, it is revealed that Orochimaru had a secret room built there, so Suigetsu goes in to investigate. When he enters, interestingly he finds something he claims could be the decisive factor in deciding the outcome of the war, and thinks to himself about how it would make a great present for Sasuke.

Then we move on to the rest of the chapter which consists entirely of Sasuke, who continues to be one of the main reasons I stick with the Manga. Sasuke was heading towards the battlefield last week, and this week he comes across some of the Zetsu army who ask him what he is doing so far out. Sasuke just tells them there is no particular reason, and tells them about how he travelled through two cities that were empty, and then asks what is going on. The main Zetsu clone tells Sasuke that they are the ones asking the questions around here, and again asks why Sasuke has come so far out. An arrogant smile spreads across Sasuke’s face as he taunts the Zetsu by saying that if they don’t like him being there, then they can try and capture him to take him back, as they have the numbers on their side this time.  The Zetsu then realise what Sasuke means, and angry about him having killed the original Zetsu, the clones all charge to attack Sasuke, who merely looks on and says it’s a good chance to obtain some feedback as the group will be more of a challenge.

As the Zetsu charge, Sasuke activates his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and Susanoo, and immediately blitzes through them all using the black flames attack from his Susanoo. With the Zetsu all on fire and defeated, Sasuke grabs the only one not on fire and uses his Sharingan to force the Zetsu to give him information. Sasuke discovers that Tobi has started a war, Zetsu mentions that the goal is to capture Killer Bee and Naruto, before warning about Naruto’s comrades coming to help. A smile spreads across Sasuke’s face as he remembers his previous encounters with Naruto,  and says to himself has Naruto forgotten what strength is? Before then slicing the Zetsu in half, and proclaiming that he is going to head to the battlefield in order to kill him. Out of the corner of his eye, Sasuke notices one remaining Zetsu trying to escape, so then he uses the black flames to burn him too, while a sinister smile spreads across his face as he says what great eyes he has and how he has grown accustomed to them…..nii-san.  Sasuke then thinks to himself about how all the things he has seen, all the brutal, sad and grave things are now burned in to his brother’s eyes, and tells his brother to look at him, unaware that the Edo Itachi may very well be heading his direction.

So that was what happened in the chapter, and wow…..just WOW. Now as you have no doubt realised I am a very big Sasuke fan, and over these past few weeks I have been hoping for more from him as he enters the battlefield, and this week delivered big time. Although he was only fighting a bunch of Zetsu clones, to see him use his EMS and Susanoo to wipe them out so quickly was brilliant, and I love the way Sasuke truly does come across now as being pretty much insane. With the EMS he has gained massive power, and with his arrogance thrown in with it then it makes him a very interesting and badass character to watch. While Sasuke could end up just going to the battlefield to face Naruto, the fact that he could instead end up coming face to face with Edo Itachi is the far more appealing prospect. Truth be told they need to meet again so they can have a talk about the clan and everything that has happened since Tobi first revealed the truth of the Uchiha to him, and I also get the feeling that the meeting could be what finally pushes Sasuke completely over the edge to the point he becomes a psychopathic killer with no remorse or morals.

Aside from the Sasuke panels anyway, the opening panel with Karin was pretty funny which is nice considering the seriousness of the rest of the chapter, and Suigetsu was rather amusing too. Very interesting is what on earth it is Suigetsu found in Orochimaru’s secret hideout that could change the outcome of the war, I don’t have a clue what it could be, but the fact Orochimaru surprised even Suigetsu with whatever it was he was meddling with is very intriguing to say the least. If you have any ideas / theories on what it could be then please leave a comment in the box below, as I am very interested in getting other people’s view on what it might be.

But overall this was a fantastic chapter, from start to finish I loved every second of it. Not just because I am a Sasuke fan, but because of all the implications and possibilities that have arisen solely from this one chapter alone. If you haven’t read it yet, get on to it asap and prepare to be amazed. If you have read it, then you will already be aware of how brilliant this chapter is and may very well wish to read it again. All I can say is next week could be the best yet in terms of what could happen in Naruto, as Kishimoto has done an excellent job of recapturing interest with this week’s chapter.


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