Naruto Shippuden Episode 250 – Battle in Paradise! Odd Beast vs. The Monster! Review / Thoughts

As Naruto Shippuden moves on to the 250th episode, we move on from the backstory of Kushina and Minato and find ourselves back in the present as Guy and Kisame face off. But did this landmark episode keep up the run of excellent quality the previous few weeks have had?

Sadly not, in fact after the brilliance of what we have been treated to recently this was a massive step down. This episode was about Kisame being revealed to be alive, as Naruto was able to sense him hiding inside of Samehada with his new power. Kisame is surprised but emerges nonetheless when his cover is blown, and although Naruto lands a crushing blow to Kisame when he tries to escape, where he isn’t used to controlling his new powers yet Naruto uses too much force and gets his foot stuck, and ends up twisting his ankle in the process. Kisame then appears from behind the waterfall, and just eventually ends up escaping further out in to the island where he faces his old opponent Guy.

I’ll admit I wasn’t overly fond of this part of the Manga either, as the best parts are to come next week instead.  Despite me liking both Guy and Kisame to some extent, I have just never really been a fan of their rivalry (for lack of a better word) so don’t find a lot of interest from sections with them both in. If either character were involved with other parts of the story and/or other characters I usually like those sections, they just don’t work well together in my view.

Also, the animation was far from perfect too. It wasn’t terrible like some episodes were in the Kage Summit arc, but it was far from great too. Soundtrack choices weren’t really much of an influence for this episode, I barely even noticed the music other than the welcome return of the unreleased battle music played when Kisame was first escaping from behind the waterfall. Speaking of returns, it was nice to see Guy using the summoning jutsu again which we haven’t seen since the Chunin exams.

What I will say is the episode improved towards the end, the final attacks of Guy and Kisame were pretty awesome, and the fact Guy has had to open 7 of the 8 inner gates to keep up with Kisame speaks volumes of just how strong he is. Both Kisame and Guy put everything in to their final attacks, and it looked like Guy had gained the upper hand just as the episode ended.

To be honest I didn’t really enjoy this episode, nothing about it was special or stood out in any way, which after the recent amazing episodes with Kushina and Minato made it stand out even more. While it’s true we have been spoiled recently with the quality of the Anime, this episode definitely brought things back down to earth. My advice in truth would be to just read the Manga version for this part because I feel it was the more enjoyable of the two, and as luck would have it you can cover almost the entire episode just by reading one chapter (chapter 506 from vol 54). So overall a disappointing week for Naruto, but I have a feeling this was only a blip as the weeks to come look far more interesting.


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