Bleach Chapter 482 – Bad Recognition Review / Thoughts

Bleach Chapter 482 – What a day to be a member of the Quincy eh?  After reportedly being wiped out by Soul Society years ago, they now come back to declare war.  How Ishida and Ryuken will feel is anyone’s guess!

But yes, Shonen Jump was on a role this week as both Naruto and Bleach turned out superb chapters. After wondering who the man was on Ichigo’s bed last week, I fully expected to find out the answer with the new chapter, but instead only ended up with more mysteries instead.

Everyone assumed that since he had the mask fragment, Ivan was sure to be an Arrancar, but of course in this chapter he denied that being the case.  With what Ivan actually did of course he is either a)  Quincy or  b) working for and / or with the Quincy. It looked very much like the Quincy cross he pulled out to show Ichigo and the attack was like that of a Quincy too, so he is clearly involved somehow. Elsewhere of course people are still going missing in Rukongai with no explanation, but I get the feeling that is something that will be saved for the future.

We knew that the final arc would involve a war, and a group of people (who we can assume to be Quincy members) appeared in front of Yamamoto and flat out declared war there and then. Since they all had their faces obscured and never really said anything else, obviously we can’t know for certain they are Quincy, but for all intents and purposes I think we can safely assume that’s who they are.

That end to the chapter was the best part and pretty awesome, it will definitely be interesting to see Soul Society’s reaction to it and eventually of course both Ishida and his father Ryuken are going to be dragged in to it and forced to pick sides. I think that should this happen Ryuken will side with the Quincy (at least initially) and Ishida will, although not want to help Soul Society, will instead help Ichigo with whatever plan he has, as I can tell already by the type of character Ichigo is that he won’t want either side to fight and he certainly won’t let himself be forced in to choosing sides and going against his beliefs.

A Quincy vs Shinigami war should indeed be interesting and fun to read, and it’s definitely something I have hoped for having wanted Ishida’s rivalry with Ichigo to go further pretty much since the start of the story with his introduction. So with that to look forward to as well as finding out more about Ivan and the disappearances in Rukongai, Bleach still has plenty left to get excited about as the final arc continues.


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