Bleach Anime Cancelled in March

Some more bad news for fans of Tite Kubo’s popular series Bleach – in March the Anime series is being cancelled.

Bleach will be ending on the 27th March, with its timeslot being filled by the Naruto spinoff featuring Rock Lee.

“A recent television program listing in Japan reports that the Bleach television anime series will end its run in TV Tokyo‘s 6:00 p.m. Tuesday timeslot on March 27. When a Twitter follower of Bleach animation director Hiroki Takagi sent him an image of the listings, Takagi responded by saying, “So quick. I was going to paste it… /(^o^)\”

Shueisha, the publisher of Tite Kubo‘s original manga, had already announced that the weekly Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden anime will premiere on TV Tokyo on Tuesday, April 3 at 6:00 p.m.”

With Kubo already confirming this to be the final arc in the Manga and now the Anime being cancelled, 2012 has seen a very bad start to the year for fans of the Bleach series.

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113 Responses to Bleach Anime Cancelled in March

  1. redcrucible2 says:

    I am a Bleach fan and it make me very sad to hear that has been cancelled.

    • cloud musicwolf moonshade says:

      me too also i am pissed!

      • bakezAcakez says:

        o.o do I know u?
        Lets all bomb TV Tokyo with hate letters and boycott the new Rock Lee series

      • Chris Bray says:

        man i will miss bleach sooo much. 1 reason i love it is how ichigo struggles with his inner hollow at times. i identify with that cuase of my bipolar disorder. i cant believe theyre replacing it with rock lee. rock lee my least favorite character in naruto. the only thing that was cool was the drunk scene with kimmomaru.

    • dave says:

      wish the show would continue its one of the best anime ive seen and it saddens me to know it has ended

    • camilo says:

      It is ridiculous to kill Bleach like that. It’s not just the fan base in Japan, it has fans worldwide. I do watch Bleach and Naruto, both are very good, though I’ve seen some people bashing one or the other. That’s stupid also. You should not bash any of them as they are both very good Animes. Bleach sure started fantastic, the first arc was phenomenal, with Kurosaki learning to use his tremendous power, then came the Bountos, that arc was not so great as the first one in my opinion. Then came Aizen and Hueco mundo, with EPIC battles and then the fullbring arc went low again, but the final arc seems to be fantastic. I hope the stupid bureaucrats that made this stupid decision bring back the series and properly end it. Bleach can and MUST go on, the Anime and the Manga. Stupid corporations and stupid capitalism, killing the world and all that’s good in it for profit…….

    • this pisses me off a bit but with all the fucking filler lately im not the least bit surprised i mean WTF!!!!!!!! after the crises is over 5 weeks of random ass shows to wrap it up!! ITS A FILLER SEASON i was ok with 2 filler seasons but come the fuck on why would they keep it up this long

    • Joshua Black says:

      I could really care less that Bleach is being cancelled. Unlike the Bleach fags and Narutards I realize that there are options are Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, etc. Right now I’m watching Area no Kishi, Kingdom, Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!, Gundam Age, Ginga e Kickoff, and Fairy Tail. I do keep up on Naruto and One Piece but I’m not so closed minded as the rest. Open your mind and realize that there is a world of anime beyond english dubbed that you have yet to explore. There are thousands of great anime that will never be popular enough for NA anime companies to justify picking them up but they are still excellent series.

      • Alison Keeton says:

        Bleach fags huh i don’t think so ur the fucking fag. Bleach is the best show ever and always will be. I have watched other anime’s and nothing compares to Bleach. The problem is people in Japan make shows and then when everyone worldwide loves it they cancle it. If this had originally been made in America it never would have got canceled because when a great show is making money and has a million fans u don’t cancle it. Fuck u and fuck whatever idiots were behind cancelling Bleach. Anime greatness is dead now point blank.

      • brian says:

        not if u dont understand japanese

      • nekobunny says:

        Okay first of all why are you here making hate comments about bleach and Barton when this is a site made for people who love this show and are waiting to see if the show will come back or not . And if you don’t even like the show why the fuck are you on the website in the first place any way. Because this blog is mostly about bleach so don’t call us bleach fags you asshole

    • Nuroldin says:

      Even I? I was lone, this kind of mechanism must not be stop, it’ll broke inspiration, and it’ll shutter our expectations in that Unique entertainment. Bleach has taught me too many but there is one thing that is most valuable, it has taught that “sometimes duty must be cast aside to do what must be done.”, if I will tell something in that company then let me say these “You are not making episodes of BLEACH because you want to, You are making episodes of BLEACH because you have to.”

  2. Nooooooo it was just becoming awesome again 😦 well just come back with more bleach later pls

  3. Bleachfan says:

    Bleach is not ending this next arc can go on for years

    • Tokyo Mao says:

      It’s only the Anime that is ending, the Manga is definitely continuing for a long time to come I should imagine. The new Manga arc only recently started, so Kubo has enough material to last years as you said, it’s just that Studio Pierrot will no longer be releasing an Anime version.

      • NspyraishN says:

        @Tokyo Mao wow you must not keep up with the manga– Tite Kobe announced a while ago that the manga is in its final arc. Kurosaki gets his rematch with Aizen, and that’s the end of everything. Ooops was that too much of spoilers? xD

      • Tokyo Mao says:

        mfw you tell me I must not keep up with the Manga, despite this (my own) site having reviews of all the latest chapters

        And no, Kubo never once said that Ichigo would be facing Aizen. He said Aizen might show up again at some time, but he never mentioned why or what he would be doing.

      • NspyraishN says:

        Well anything less than a rematch would be so disappointing. No rational reason why Kubo would end the Bleach series with anything less than an epic rematch.

      • Tokyo Mao says:

        Well I certainly wouldn’t say no to another battle between Aizen and Ichigo, as Aizen just being sealed seemed a bit of a cop-out. I do think there is probably more chance of Aizen working against the Vandenreich, but I would definitely enjoy seeing them fight again.

      • NspyraishN says:

        btw, it seems that bleach really has been canceled. a real pity 😦

    • jake says:

      ok look you have ichigo get his powers back and now you cancel the show you think thats fair to the fans no its not ok in my book if the magna is going to go on y cant the show i wouldnt be suprized if people make a show off the comic cause this just aint right that was like my crack and its what i wach when im stressed the kill stuff the hole time anyways what where they thinking if you dont like it im thinking about wrighting a email to them cause now im mad

      • says:

        Punctuation please?

      • Craig says:

        Smh waa waa waa quit being such a tit bag & suck it up.Guess what,life isn’t fair so stfu about things not being fair.With that said,I too dislike that the Bleach anime has ended but oh f*cking well,I moved on & started reading the manga.

  4. Danny says:

    you guys dont read the manga is in its finally arc which means after this arc is done then bleach manga is over

  5. he is being forced to cancel the manga to it rating have gone down

  6. Nishimoto, Akinari says:

    this is bull… why is Bleach being cancelled?

    • Tokyo Mao says:

      I think it’s because the ratings in Japan have been low for quite a while, so they probably don’t think it’s worth the time anymore. That said, if they honestly think the Rock Lee spinoff is going to get better ratings than Bleach they are living in dreamland.

  7. whiterose says:

    😦 why cancel Bleach for naruto :(? ….

  8. zahra says:

    Why the heck is bleach cancelled?! So Naruto trash can take its place?! The manga is continuing but still, I loved watching the anime 😦 😦 By far, bleach is my favourite anime! So gutted 😦

  9. Sora says:

    If you read the news a bit more carefully, they said Bleach will end on TV Tokyo. From that point of view, it means the series can continue on other broadcaster if they obtain the permit. From what I read from other sources, it is possible they are moving to Kyoto broadcaster.

  10. wdhilde says:

    This sticks it just started getting good again and they end it cant they at least finish one instead of just leaving it hanging come on this bites BIG TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. TRAADOG4EVER $3N says:


  12. Major Kusinagi says:


  13. john says:

    yeah, i loved it, and now i hate bleach

    way to go lmfao

  14. Alex watts says:


  15. NspyraishN says:

    Bleach has not been cancelled (that would be retarded to begin with, as the manga is in its final arc, meaning that the next manga-based arc is the final anime one as well), this was a mistranslation.

    Here’s the real sich: Bleach’s Tokyo TV slot has been replaced with the aforementioned Naruto slot, and Bleach has been moved to Osaka TV. The next episode (Bleach 367) is set to air April 6th.


    • aj_vato says:

      Uhh its past April 6th so r u sayin next year on April 6th?

      • NspyraishN says:

        See my above comment earlier in the thread. I already refuted my own statement, apparently Bleach really was being cancelled. I based my own comment based on this stupid Yahoo answer (really I should know better), which did have a source, but later on when I read the actual source (using Google translate), I confirmed that Bleach was indeed cancelled before the end of the manga, which totally blows 😦

      • NspyraishN says:

        But from what I’ve read, Tite Kubo really wants to get the Final Arc “The Thousand-Year Blood War” animated, so with enough support from the fans both in Japan and in the U.S./other countries, we could see a proper ending to Bleach yet!

        Personally I think that the Final arc of Bleach being done as an OVA (assuming they can get the funding and a good production team lined up) would make for a better Bleach ending, mainly for these two reasons:

        1. Without the limitations of TV censorship, they can go all out in the action sequences. So we can expect a lot more blood, violence, and wicked action in a TTYBW OVA. Think “Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations/”Tsubasa Shunraiki”-level awesomeness!

        2. Since the OVA will be done by another animation productions studio anyway, Bleach can be animated without the constraints of a TV animation budget. This means that we could see a Bleach OVA animated by some of the best Japanese action-anime specialists! I’m personally hoping that Bleach is animated by Productions I.G. (who incidentally also animated Tokyo Revelations/Shunraiki, GiTS, FLCL, Blood, Blood+, Blood-C, and most of my other favorite animes.

        So once Tite Kubo can rally enough fansupport for the anime adaptation of his final arc, we can expect some OVA awesomeness. Get ready for it!


        *All content above is freely usable without constraint or condition, including the lovely @Tokyo Mao herself*

  16. DGcherrys says:

    i hope your right since i just started watching Bleach, and have already fallen head over heels with this anime!
    A little late to start watching the anime all the way from the start but oh well. BUT THEY CANNOT CANCEL BLEACH FOR NARUTO. I’m not bashing naruto, but it already has movies, the manga, the anime including Naruto AND naruto shippuden. Why add something more? Maybe it’s just arumor oh well i don’t know but i’ll be pissed off if they cancel it!

  17. David says:

    I’ve been watching since they just came out in the US, I only watch it, I don’t read the frickin’ comic books and never will. Nobody watch the fucking naruto bullshit, let the ratings of that show die!

  18. volka says:

    bastards shutting bleach after getting us addicted to it first they cancelled d.gray man and now bleach fuckkkkkkk those son of bloody whoresssssssssssssssss

    • kane kurosaki says:

      I have faith that they may bring it back. I mean Inuyasha was off for like s couple years then they brought it back. Hopefully they will give Bleach(my all time favorite) the same treatment

      • zahra says:

        It isn’t cancelled, just replaced with naruto crap. TV Tokyo won’t air bleach anymore but TV Osaka have scheduled bleach to carry on from april 3rd. So technically it isn’t cancelled, just been replaced with naruto. Bleach will carry on on TV Osaka, a few episodes have already been aires on the channel already!

  19. Zachary says:

    not to long ago i started watching bleach at first wen i heard about it i thought it was stupid but then i started to watch it and i got into it big time i started wen there was already close to 200 episodes out and i watch them straight i caught up to it in a week and i watched it every week wen it came out then like a week ago it went off right wen it was getting good wen he got his soul reaper powers back i was lookin forward to the next chapter after that with his powers back then it was the last episode and that pissed me off they should work on it again i saw the episode for the naruto sd thing and it sucks i dont see that being popular at all they should bring back bleach straight up

  20. VonSpliff says:

    easy solution, move to america, and get on with Adult Swim for $$ and keep us nerds happy.

  21. Lydi says:

    Even if they said that BLEACH had been cancelled for good, I think that if the next saga (The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc) become popular, it has a big probability that will be made into anime in a close future with some extra/special-episodes 🙂 I mean, even if the Fullbringers Arc bringed Bleach down, the next saga can bring its popularity again, remember that all those companies always look for which mangas or animes had major ratings and what I have seen is that this next season has a good plot until now 🙂

  22. NspyraishN says:

    Seems they have cancelled bleach for good after all, but since the manga still continued for one more arc, they could easily adapt that into an OVA to finish the series off strong. Considering the strong fanbase of Bleach in both Japan and the U.S., we can expect to see a final bleach OVA collection, so everyone look forward to that!

  23. RGE3 says:

    This is total crap! I’ve never even watched an episode of Naruto, let alone a spin-off. Why? Because I don’t give a crap about that ninja BS. This is a TERRIBLE way to end Bleach. That last episode wasn’t worth crap for end material. To me, Bleach IS anime as well as manga. It’s the reason I even care about coming back to read and watch anime in the first place. It was my first anime series that I really go into and to do it such injustice is a perversion of a great thing. Screw the morons in charge of this decision.

    • Anthony says:

      So tru stuped ninjas never watch a episode and never will saddes part that it ended on my birthday ahhhhhhhhh I just wana punch naruto and send him to hueco Mundo.

  24. Axp says:

    So if they are moving it to another TV host will they still have the same voice actors ?

  25. SinOfPWI says:

    bleach>any anime (besides dragonball z)

  26. It is ridiculous to kill Bleach like that. It’s not just the fan base in Japan, it has fans worldwide. I do watch Bleach and Naruto, both are very good, though I’ve seen some people bashing one or the other. That’s stupid also. You should not bash any of them as they are both very good Animes. Bleach sure started fantastic, the first arc was phenomenal, with Kurosaki learning to use his tremendous power, then came the Bountos, that arc was not so great as the first one in my opinion. Then came Aizen and Hueco mundo, with EPIC battles and then the fullbring arc went low again, but the final arc seems to be fantastic. I hope the stupid bureaucrats that made this stupid decision bring back the series and properly end it. Bleach can and MUST go on, the Anime and the Manga. Stupid corporations and stupid capitalism, killing the world and all that’s good in it for profit…….

  27. Anon says:

    Heres the way I see it, they were going to have to make another filler arc after the Fullbringers arc, they probably don’t want to do that with the final arc coming up, and Kubo is pressed for time. The last arc is going to last 2- 3 years, so at the very least they’ll probably reboot the anime or make OVA’s after the Bleach manga is over. Bleach will most likely return, it could just be a while, and hey, we still have the manga.

  28. Anthony says:

    Okkkiie we dont everyone SHUTUP and do something about it …if you realy love bleach we don’t we create something showing that there is audience that cares and belief that the new arc would race the rating …………I might not have the resorses but I know some people here do so c’mon for the love of the series helps us out.

  29. Leroy says:

    I agree with Anon sooner or later the anime will come back, looking at the fact Bleach has a lot of fans, which means loads of people will buy the manga cuz they want to know the ending etc. and yeah once they see benifit in airing Bleach again it will come back no doubt

  30. bob says:

    i totally agree

  31. bob says:

    if they don’t make anymore bleach anime episodes English dub i will cry we need to make the documents saying we want it to come back i don’t have the resources for it.

  32. Terraine says:

    will it come back online and DON’t END It is one of he only amines i watch

  33. BleachFanForever..* says:

    That’s HORRIBLE news, the funny thing is Naruto is the only anime I like more than Bleach.
    Will Bleach still be made (the anime) despite it not being aired? If so is there a place I can download ep 367 up???

    • Tokyo Mao says:

      No there isn’t, they are not making the Anime anymore. They’re not making new episodes and not airing them, they are just not making new episodes full stop.

  34. matthew.ramsaroop says:

    i would pay 1000 us a week for new bleach episodes everyday

  35. sad indeed ..ive been watching japanese anime ever since i was a kid in the early 80,s. i fell in love with star blazers and from then on ive been a fan. to lose such a beloved storyline like bleach just kills me. i wish they would reconsider and listen to the fans…we are the reason bleach has been going as long as it has. please dont take it away from us. life would just not be the same anymore

  36. Kyle says:

    way im so sad because of this cuz i wake up every tuesday morning to watch Bleach the greatest anime i have ever seen i’ve seen Naruto and One piece but to me it’s nothing compare to Bleach How can you guys do this to the fans im from Trinidad a small Caribbean island and me and all my friends watch bleach this makes me wanna cry the best anime in the world to me. hmmm aizen still has to break out of the soul society, urahara still havn’t reveal this bankai ………………… we the fans needs to unite to get back our show

  37. Caffey Jason says:

    i really enjoyed the series….maybe a spinoff would be great to fill the void, Orihime,Chad, or Uryu are good choices. These characters can use more developing.

  38. Ruiner says:

    I expect them to do exactly what they did with Naruto except with one small change. The final arc of the manga is announced, the anime is cancelled but instead of just pumping out a LOT of filler like they did with Naruto until the Shippuuden manga was well enough ahead that production on the anime could begin. So instead of filler Bleach (which would be as bad for ratings as filler Naruto was), we get some Rock Lee distraction trash for awhile. In a year or so “Bleach Shippuuden” or whatever will be showing up.

  39. dutchy says:

    bla bla bla all i want to know is will there be more bleach for the past 2 weaks i have been waithing and waithing for the next eps and today i learn it ended (cry cry cry)

  40. dutchy says:

    btw i forget to say ichigo got new skills and new powers his weapon upgraded to a nice weapon there ar to manny chars he still have to fight and own it must be it cant end now

  41. Ichigo fangirl says:

    Why? Why? I’ve started to cry!!! BRING BLEACH BACK!!!!!!!! WE WANT BLEACH! YOU CAN’T JUST CANCEL IT!!!

  42. simon says:

    this new rock lee anime sucks and how can the anime just end like that tv tokyo doest know what their doing what next? Are they going to cancel naruto next? 😦

  43. Jermaine says:

    Yoooooooo NOoooooo Wtf Ftw Why no more bleach These idiots are idiots if thers no bleach in like two weeks i’m gunna do something. Launch a crusade or some shit we gotta get bleach back for sure i mean it seriously we gotta get a million ppl to sing sum paper wtf. START COMING UP WITH IDEAS PPL SAVE BLEACH

  44. rockleesucks says:

    this is ridiculous there was only about an arc and a half left so why didnt they just run it so we could see the end or they could make some webisodes to conclude the series rather than just stopping part way through.

  45. BleachFans says:

    Huh this is so sad…..even though I dont understand, I kinda understand why it was “put on a halt” we Bleach Fans don’t leave reviews and ratings for the corporation to see so if we just watch Bleach all day theres no way they can tell that its love cause we dont rate…And sadly I am one of those “Bleach Lovers” but “Non-Raters”

  46. Isaiah says:

    Can’t belive this! If the manga series can go on why on earth can’t this go on. bleach is world wide. I can’t even imagine how much support you will lose and how much abuse you will get for this

  47. oliver says:

    fuck naruto that actually sucks that was a nice anime show

  48. dudestoplieing says:

    the aired is supose to be aired on july 26 2012 it didny air on 3 april becuz it was a april fools day joke that spreaded out

  49. mike says:

    Naruto sucks!!!!!!!

    BLEACH is and will always be the best!!!!!!!!!

  50. cj says:

    I have been heavily envolved with the manga and anime genre for a very long time. I remember certain shows which were great and some that were annoying, however bleach recently became my favorite. The aired english dubs on adult swim were a little poor in quality but the japanese dubbed episodes were fantastic. I am upset that it’s time slot is being taken by a naruto spin off series. I could see if the naruto shippuden ratings were low, but the are not. Bleach was a very powerful manga and anime, the plot and coceptual detail were very well done its truly ashame that a spin off is taking the slot of a solid and very well liked show.


      I have been watching Bleach since 2006 and i got bored really fast with the fillers and yes Naruto has allot of fillers to but they have to have them because if they did not both series would be over to quick
      But Bleach was losing fans fast in Japan that is why they canceled the show ratings are every thing and they knew to if they did not cancel Bleach it would go on forever but i to think someone else will pick the series up so people will get to watch it again

      And to people bashing Naruto FUCK YALL yes i am more of a Naruto fan then a bleach fan
      Go watch the fucking show or read the manga before you bash it its really good Naruto Shippuden is 100X better then Naruto was Naruto went down hill after the main fight with Sasuke but i still liked it

      I watched one episode of Naruto Shippuden where it showed one of Orochimaru memory’s where a guy blew up because of the curse mark and it showed Orochimaru being covered in the guys blood and he licked some off LOL that was right before Orochimaru was killed by Sasuke and even the Sage Naruto Vs. Pein fight was AWESOME so check it out before you talk shit and yes yes i might be a big Naruto fan but the new Rock Lee show looks fucking stupid as hell

  51. NspyraishN says:

    @cj I agree I don’t see why Bleach was cancelled, but at least its ending was relatively acceptable. It could have ended a lot worse, at the very least 🙂

  52. Just move on… Bleach is cancelled, u cant stop it can you? Eventhough idk why its cancelled

  53. MATT says:


  54. Bleach and naruto f*ck rocklee show!!! says:

    ok cancelled on tv why not start the anime on internet where everyone out side of japan was looking at the first place

  55. Alex says:

    If this isn’t the stupidest thing ive heard all year I don’t know what is. Bleach was the second most watched anime in the world. And you get rid of it just because of some naruto spin off that can only get ranked 5th. And even then you could still find a way like adding it into another time slot so you could have both airing. So I’m at loss as to why this would ever happen Bleach has to be one of the best anime anyone has ever come up with.

  56. Kindaru says:

    I am pretty infuriated how they will end Bleach like this and make us watch some bull crap guy fight. If YOU the DIRECTOR/Creator of Bleach cares about your fans, why hurt the fans by ending what caused them to like you/your anime series? So, answer this anyone, I dont care who. If Bleach was here for so long, why not just give it 12-20 episodes like any anime that would end early if the sole purpose of the anime series is to get us into it?

    So why make bleach for THE PEOPLE if your cancelling a highly favored anime TO HARM THE PEOPLE? The only anime you would ever walk around and hear is “Naruto and Dragonball Z”. Bleach has broken the favoring between Naruto and DragonBall Z.
    So, your cancelling Bleach because what? Naruto is getting more views than Bleach? Bleach has become one of the top rated Animes series ever known. Because Naruto is all about 1 person and solemnly focused on 1 person.

    Bleach is better because it, as always is based on 1 character, but also does more involving that main character not having to do everything alone to save everything like Naruto. Bleach has caught hundreds, maybe millions of viewers and have been rated very high by the viewers YOU tried to please. If THE VIEWERS you WANT TO PLEASE is displeased with the idiotic decision you have made. Then just cancel all anime since you feel that Bleach is losing viewers to Naruto or DBZ. FYI: Bleach was the Best series to run and was recommended to hundreds of people that have heard/seen it.

    You feel that the viewers does not like your series. Then view all the likes for Bleach and then total to how much people YOU believe does not like it. You care less about the people and more about your Yen. Focus on the people you solemnly tried to please with this Anime Series and bring it back on Air. You BELIEVE that this series is not making so much money or Yen or whatever you prefer believing? Look how much sites that doesn’t even work under your company(Anime Sites) would air bleach frequently with new episodes every time.

    All you would actually see in those Anime Sites with their Chatbox is people talking about Bleach and that certain episode(s). You think that if we didn’t want to watch bleach, then why would people like it so much? Why would people talk about it frequently and read the Manga often? Because we love Bleach more than any Anime series known. If hated bleach, then why still give it a try? Because people are curious about Bleach if they never liked it. We give new animes a try and realize that Bleach was another Anime that made a bunch of sense.

    Either Bring the worlds favorite Anime Series that gave Naruto a run for its money or expect all your “Beloved Fans” to despise you for the idiotic decision you had made. Would you really want to do that? Harm your fans because you can’t keep an anime series running? The conceited stupidity is ironic in all anime creators. They make a very good anime series and once they see that they get hundreds or millions of fans/viewers, they cancel it. Why? Because they believe the viewers OF THEIR OWN HOMETOWN dislikes/does not watch the anime series they made to please the people. Yet, if the people you believe are not pleased, the rest of the millions is and your are too foolish to realize the fact that, viewers worldwide love bleach and you could careless about those people as long as you make money. Why make the series and continue it if you know would cancel it? Because you know people love the series worldwide and you feel that they don’t? Don’t bring the series back, we lost the happiness that creator of the Anime had made to actually make us happy.

    You, the creator of Bleach, have disappointed the fans and me as well. Your so-caled “Fan”. You lost all my respect virtually or physically. I will still love bleach more than any idiotic anime series, but I shall hate your stupidity for causing this small problem primarily to your fans. Once you actually consider continuing bleach and bring the next episode, then you will obtain your hundreds-million of fans and obtain all the respect of your millions of fans once again. Good day to you Tite Kubo. May you re-consider your decision cancelling Bleach and re-pleasing your “Beloved” fans. Have a Good Day sir.

    • " angel" says:

      Well put…. All the important information… Is here… Send it to the corporate asshole!!!!!!

      • Nick says:

        Bleach is right next to dbz and dbz is my all time favorite tv series. Wish that kept going too

  57. david says:

    I am kinda glad its ending personally. I really like bleach but i felt it should have ended after aizen.

  58. festivalking says:

    Please tell me this isn’t true!!!! 😦

    Totally crushed right now….

  59. Vergil says:

    This news really shocked me.I kept on searching all the blogs for the confirmation but yet got disappointed.after reading what Kindaru has posted.M much relieved 🙂 i have got all the eps of bleach downloaded and saved all the way from Episode one to the last.all i can say nw is dat bleach is and will always be the most awsome and kick ass anime ever 🙂

  60. TitsKube says:


  61. MatchingOddSocks says:

    To be honest, the anime was full of pointless fillers and I haven’t watched it for ages. The manga is so much better so as long as that keeps going – I’m cool with it 🙂

  62. FenyxRy says:

    It is disappointing that it ended the way it did. I watched since the first episode aired in the us, and even lived with the one year side story detour. The Aizen ending was a cop out. All that wait for him just to be sealed away. What a crock. I imagine that is why the ratings dropped. I love Naruto, but could give less than a crap about stupid Rock Lee. I’m tired of good anime getting cancelled before giving the fans an ending worth watching. I miss D Grayman, they should have finished Tokko.. I mean.. c’mon..

  63. nadra says:

    i m a fan of bleach.. i started watching anime because of bleach.. I was looking forward and excited for the next arc.. if there is no anime then there is no use of manga either..

  64. ben dover says:

    in the end, naruto was the best.! wahahhaahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. dude no!!!!!!!! bring bleach back to me!

  66. Aaron says:

    This sucks I really enjoyed this anime! Lots of characters and personalities. I think this is a bad mistake. If you would just keep making the episodes and sticking them up on amazon for 10 to 20 bucks a season you’d get plenty of business.

  67. Kevin says:

    I can say when fighting BLEACH is the best! WHY YOU END IT

  68. sabrina says:

    I love Bleach. But I also love Naruto. Wha!!!!! I wish they could just air them both. Why can’t they just do that? Anyway, I hope they at least put the last chapter in Sub.

  69. Aizaz Faheem says:


    This is very saddening! Bleach was the anime i started my anime craze off with AND THIS HAPPENS?!?!? This is not fair. ME along with many others would LOVE to see the final arc in Anime! Thats where the real action is.

    I LOVE BLEACH and will always love it. But this just breaks my heart. PLEASE.

    Please bring it back up. Atleast say you’ll bring it back after naruto is done… OR SOMETHING. But please air it up. I love the anime.

    I’ve never read manga and i refuse to read manga because it kills the fun. Anime is much better and more realistic. There are emotions in it… feelings. Manga.. you just sit there and READ IT. What is the fun in that?

    Please 😦 What would a normal civilian like myself have to do? Start petitions? What can we do to air it up? PLEASE TELL US.

    I waited and waited and waited thinking it’s just taking a break. But it just seems like no one cares about the ones who LOVE BLEACH ANIME. Please for the love of god, bring it back.

  70. ulquiorra says:

    finish the chapters and then call it quits i want more bleach plz bring it back

  71. Nick says:

    It’s been a year and bleach in Tokyo still hasn’t came back. It almost made be cry to find out bleach might of been cancelled

  72. GotBankai says:

    Naruto isn’t even that great a show so why make a spinoff to take bleach out? Bleach is the reason I got into watching anime and reading manga

  73. chong lee says:

    Good. finally let it die. It had a good run. Not its just getting retarded.

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