Naruto Chapter 576 – The Guide of The Reunion Review / Thoughts

As followers of my Naruto Manga reviews will know, as an Uchiha fan I have been extremely hyped and looking forward to seeing the reunion between Itachi and Sasuke. I predicted brilliant things from this chapter, and while this was indeed brilliant, surprisingly my favourite part turned out to be something different altogether.

As you probably guessed from the picture, my favourite part of chapter 576 was in fact Madara Uchiha. Now ever since Tobi first proclaimed himself to be Madara, Madara Uchiha has never left my top 5 favourite characters, and with Edo Madara my stance hasn’t changed in the slightest.

The best way to describe Madara is badass, just no other word could fit him as well. Who else would be taking on the 5 Kage, kicking their asses without breaking a sweat, and then telling them that all 5 of them together are not even in the same league as the first Hokage Hashirama Senju? Of course some would consider this arrogance on Madara’s part, but in fairness to him he has so far backed up all his claims about his own strength, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume his tales of Hashirama are true, especially as Tsunade pretty much acknowledges the same thing.

I fear going off in to a huge essay about why I think Madara is amazing and why what he is doing right now is badass. So instead, I will try and keep the Madara part as brief as I can.

It’s awesome how despite the countless years that have passed since Madara and Hashirama’s time, Madara’s grudge against the Senju hasn’t changed a bit. During the battle he asks Tsunade if she is a descendant of Hashirama, and so she asks what would happen if she was, for Madara to reply that if she confirmed it to be true then she would be the first one he struck down. Mei then speaks up saying that taking out the medical ninja in the team is rule one of any strategy for a ninja, but Madara says that he doesn’t care about that, the reason he will kill Tsunade first is because she is a Senju member, and stating that her being a medical ninja makes no difference as she could do no more than buy the Kage a couple of seconds longer to live anyway.

Basically Madara is not only disgusted by Tsunade but is also very mocking of her, going out of his way to tell her how inferior she is to Hashirama. Then came my favourite line in the chapter – “Weak people are ugly, and weak Senju are even more ugly”.  It just sums up Madara and his feelings so well, in fact, it sums up the Uchiha clan as a whole since they base everything on power and who is the strongest.

I could go on and on like I said, but now I will instead move on to Sasuke and Itachi.  I was actually a little disappointed with this, Sasuke has to check to confirm that the person he sees in front of him is indeed his brother Itachi, but when he calls out to him he is simply ignored. As Itachi silently continues on, Sasuke gives chase and again asks him who he is and tells him to wait. With Itachi not listening, Sasuke uses one of his Susanoo’s arms to try and grab him, but it is knocked back by the arm of Itachi’s Susanoo.

I expect most people thought that was going to start a fight between them, but it didn’t. But that wasn’t the disappointing thing, it’s just that despite Sasuke’s repeated questions to Itachi about pretty much everything that has happened between them, Itachi doesn’t give a true or proper answer to a single one of them, instead he just repeats the same phrases he has used on Sasuke in the past such as being able to see through illusion and staying true to your own path. I know really this is typical Itachi, he has always been quiet and secretive, and of course has always placed his mission above almost everything else, so of course he still refused to stop and answer any questions and instead just told Sasuke he didn’t have time to wait and that he had to stop Kabuto’s Edo Tensei.

Perhaps the most interesting thing was that Itachi mentioning the fact he was revived in such a manner by Kabuto didn’t even seem to faze Sasuke, who instead just continued asking questions. Knowing the sort of character and person Itachi is I can’t see this changing in the future chapters either, but I do feel that now this is going to go down one of two routes.

1. Sasuke gets angry with Itachi for not answering, and eventually lets it overcome him and thus begins to have a real battle with him.

2. Itachi continues to refuse to answer Sasuke’s questions, but in the end by Sasuke following him they both end up coming across Kabuto, and thus either Sasuke or Itachi (perhaps even both) end up fighting him.

I can actually see it being number 2, probably along the lines of Sasuke telling Itachi that if he kills Kabuto and stops Edo Tensei then he will have no reason not to be able to answer his questions anymore, and so then Sasuke and Kabuto will face off one-on-one in what would be an interesting and awesome fight.

But back to this chapter, as a whole I really enjoyed it, though that was surprisingly not because of Sasuke and Itachi’s reunion, but instead because of Madara vs the Kage. I can see the next chapter having massive implications for a few characters, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we ended up seeing Tsunade giving her life to face down Madara either, though I have the feeling Madara won’t find the battle as easy as he may think.


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