Bleach Chapter 484 – The Buckbeard Review / Thoughts

Chapter 484 of Bleach was pretty interesting for a few reasons, and once again leaves some questions to be answered. Oh, and who doesn’t want to live in an ice palace?

On a serious note, this chapter was pretty awesome. We get to see the leader of the Vandenreich, someone who is clearly easily annoyed and very ruthless considering the way he just chopped someone’s arm off because the in-fighting was annoying him. Also revealed was the fact the Vandenreich can use a weird teleportation thing that instantly transported them away from Soul Society before Yamamoto even had a chance to react, as well as also saving Ivan from Ichigo.

I don’t know what on earth it is yet, but it’s definitely not a Garganta as Ichigo commented himself. Interestingly Sasakibe also told Yamamoto that the Vandenreich can use Bankai. This was the really shocking and interesting moment for me, as it really does leave me wondering if they can be Quincy after all. Of course Quincy don’t work the same as Shinigami, but to be able to use Bankai suggests these people must at least have some knowledge or be connected in some way to the Shinigami, as no way would a Quincy be able to use it. Then again, they told Yamamoto that it should be easy for him to work out who they are, and that’s a hint that it is Quincy.

After originally assuming they were Quincy I am now left having doubts, and I really wouldn’t like to say who they are. The favourite still has to be the Quincy, but they are probably modified versions at the very least judging by the Bankai thing and also the way they teleport. The ice palace they are staying in looks awesome too, definitely check out a picture of that if you get the chance.

Overall this was a pretty good chapter, and one that posed a lot of questions. Maybe next week it will shed some light on at least some of it, but for now we are left guessing.


*Feel free to leave a comment below with your ideas / theories on who the Vandenreich could be and how / why they have these powers


18 Responses to Bleach Chapter 484 – The Buckbeard Review / Thoughts

  1. w says:

    considering that vanden riech has a vague meaning for royal empire in german, they could be the royal guards but that makes no sense why the royal guards would attack soul society unless they were all under control by an evil (good?) force.

  2. Kieren says:

    That is what I am saying. It HAS to be the Soul Society King, I mean that name has been thrown around numerous times in the series and films. He must be pissed that Soul Society that he created has gone through such turmoil with Captains going AWOL and fights breaking out and the biggest thing that must piss him off is Ichigo. I mean they made the mistake with a substitute Shinigami before, Ginjou and now Ichigo. It HAS to be the King. That way they disappear is exactly how it is described, the King’s place is off radar. Isolated from Soul Society.

  3. Kieren says:

    Though, the guy who’s arm got sliced was in-fact Ginjou himself.

  4. Tokyo Mao says:

    If it does turn out to the the Soul Society King, then I think at some point Soul Society will inevitably turn to Aizen for assistance.

    The former bad guy eventually helping the side of “good” is a fairly common thing to happen, and Kubo has said he wanted to show Aizen again during this arc.

    Besides, even though Ichigo and the Gotei 13 are strong, the Soul King will most likely be far stronger than anyone or anything they have come up against before. Both Urahara and Aizen will probably need to be involved somehow if they are to put up a decent fight against them.

  5. Darrel says:

    I don’t know why everyone feels the need to generalize everything about the new antagonists. Maybe they are a collection of different species- some Shinigami, some Quincy, and maybe the odd Arrancar rebelling against the organization that has murdered their comrades? Definitely got me looking forward to seeing what happens next.

  6. Kieren says:

    You have failed to realize, Ichigo only gets stronger in the face of tougher opponents. Aizen is probably the one pulling the strings with his Shikai/Bankai, it is possible. But I doubt Aizen would be asked to help, Genryuusai would be livid if he had to rely on his strength. No, Ichigo would be the one and only one to wipe the King out and the Vadenreich. I agree that Urahara would need to be involved but only to help Ichigo fight at his fullest potential so far.

    • Tokyo Mao says:

      It really depends on just how much of a threat they turn out to be. I agree Yamamoto would be furious and hate the idea of accepting any kind of help from Aizen, but if he were the only way for Soul Society to survive he may be left with little choice. Or perhaps even the possibility of Yamamoto being against the idea of help from Aizen, but someone goes and releases Aizen behind Yamamoto’s back.

      Heck, of course there is a chance Aizen won’t be involved at all, it’s just since Kubo mentioned wanting to show him again at some time I have been wondering how he will be brought back in to things (if he is brought back in to things that is).

      • Kieren says:

        Still thinking what I said seems about right. But we will wait and see

      • Z says:

        Doubt it. Urahara, Yamamoto, Byakuya, Ichigo, and Ishin would come up with a way to defeat the King if need be. The only way Aizen could really help is with his zanpakuto, and that’s a clear no-no. Although I would like to see Aizen again.

  7. Tokyo Mao says:

    You guys could very easily be right, my guess is based on pretty much one little thing Kubo said in an interview and also on Aizen’s battle against Soul Society etc.

    It’s just I assume the Spirit King should far surpass even Aizen’s power level, and Soul Society had a heck of a job dealing with him, and this is when they had backup in the form of the Visoreds.

    It took Ichigo giving up his powers in the end to defeat Aizen, so if it takes all that to beat him, then I just don’t know what it would take to kill the Spirit King.

    • Kieren says:

      It would take Ichigo to go Hollow form, complete Hollow form to do that. Well that and power from Genryuusai and Urahara and Isshin and possibly a few others that did not give Ichigo powers and pretty much complete control of Tensa Zangetsu and combining to form the Hollowfied Bankai version.

  8. mart says:

    I dont agree with the bankai thing. I dont think that Sasakibe meant they could use Bankai. See when Ivan fought Ichigo and Ichigo used his bankai, then Ivan was surprised why it’s not dissapearing?? I think they can seal Bankai or something, but not use it.

    • kealic says:

      I think he was surprised because they can use it but not for long periods or something, I doubt they have the ability to make it null and void. Perhaps the Soul Society King might though but I doubt the lower members can if such an ability exists outside Aizen’s work.

  9. kevin l says:

    Why hasn’t anyone thought that the Vandenreich are the beings that make up a Zanpaktou itself? Its been stated before Zanpaktou’s were once alive/have strong spirits. The king himself looked alot like Old-man Zanpakotu which would explain alot; why Ichigo’s Bankai wasn’t absorbed by Ivan and about why Ichigo has been so powerful the whole series, his sword was based on the spirit of the King.

    • kealic says:

      Good point there Kevin, about Ichigo’s Zanpakuto. I do not think the Vadenreich created them, I think they are like Quincy guards but from long ago. Before Yamamato became seat 1 and they got defeated by someone or people or something and became half Quincy and half Hollow but stayed in control and the King uses them. I think the King is brother to Zangetsu and Isshin’s one Engetsu which is probably why the resemblance. I also think the reason why Ichigo and Zangetsu get along is because Ichigo is probably a descendant of the Soul Society King and there for related to Zangetsu. But I could be wrong. I do not think the Vadenreich have the ability to absorb Bankai’s, but maybe they have the ability to downgrade the power or something which could explain why Ivan was shocked at seeing Ichigo’s still active. Again, I could be wrong.

  10. jimbo says:

    You guys fail to notice the name of this arc which is “the thousand year war” so it suggests that old man yamamoto knows exactly who these vandenreich are. I agree it could be the soul king but that the others are an abomination. Ivan had the quincy amulet and also an arrancar mask which can only lead to one thing. I also believe that we may see ichigo learn to control his full hollow transformation as it’s way too cool to not see it again. Plus if you remember when ichigo fought ginjo, he said that he had some hollow in him aswel

    • kealic says:

      I swear I have been saying the EXACT same thing, just break my words down and you can see it. Are my words mute to you all, seriously. I have been stipulating many theories which are all sound, Yamamato does not know about the Vadenreich if you noticed by his reaction which was more of a pondering and questionable expression rather than remembrance and acknowledgement.

      • jimbo says:

        Yes I agree that his reaction was puzzled (could be that he thought they were dead) But Im telling you he will know something about them. As the arc name suugests it’s a war of a thousand years and I ask who has the head captain been for the entire time?? All in all the theories will bounce around till we finally find out, all I can say is that it’s gonna be awesome no matter what…

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