Naruto Shippuden Episode 253 – The Bridge to Peace Review / Thoughts

For as good as this episode is, I couldn’t help but feel sad after watching it. As you probably guessed, I am referring to the fate of poor Konan, one of my favourite characters in the series.

This episode was thankfully done well, with no repeats of flashbacks we have seen a thousand times before. There were a fair few flashbacks in the episode, but they consisted of original material and helped make the episode more enjoyable and more emotional.

Considering she went up against Madara Uchiha (even though his best days are admittedly behind him) Konan did brilliantly. She had been planning ahead all this time because she knew that someday he would be coming for her or Nagato. The sheer awesomeness and badassery of a river of 6 BILLION  paper bombs surely couldn’t be missed by anyone, and it was such a brilliant attack for Konan to pull off. Anybody who thought Konan was weak or not worthy of being in the Akatsuki will surely have to re-evaluate their opinion of her now.

I also noticed a few filler scenes in this episode, including the one with Konan attacking Madara right before he grabbed her by the throat. The filler scenes were nice and done well however, so unless you knew what to look for in the first place you would never be able to tell the difference.

The flashbacks were nice too, it was great to see the Ame orphans as kids again and even growing up, all looking forward to changing the world and helping Yahiko achieve his dream. When they ended, I thought it was a beautiful touch to have the red blood stained paper from Konan’s body float in to their old house and cover her frog card, thus reuniting the 3 of them just like they promised, even if it was in spirit only.

Of course also revealed by Madara was the fact that Nagato was a member of the Uzumaki clan which probably came as a surprise for Anime only viewers, and Madara of course is also now sporting a brand new mask and attire, as well as having aquired the Rinnegan. I love the new attire for Madara as with the Uchiha symbol on his back and the giant fan he really is going back to something that would be as accustomed to him back in his prime.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode, but at the same time feel incredibly sad that one of my favourite characters is now gone. Looking back now to see all 3 of the Ame orphans dead is a very sad thought indeed, and I will certainly miss them all. That said, we know Kabuto can summon an Edo Nagato at the very least, and with a Rinnegan of his own it shall be very interesting to see Madara try and claim the Kyuubi at last.


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