Brave10 Episode 10 – The Opening Curtain To Tragedy Review / Thoughts

Another delayed review for Brave10 unfortunately, but again with episode 10 we get another fine outing as the series seems to have finally got back on track.

With the last episode I commented on how good it was for Brave10 to actually get back to some more fighting action, and this episode had a lot of that too. I would have preferred if it wasn’t several fights all split up and flicking between them, but I guess since it is only going to be a 12 episode series then they don’t have time to give full fights to each character.

We see at the start of the episode that Isanami is depressed because of what she found out about herself and the Kushimitama. Saizo is watching over her by hiding in the trees nearby. As Saizo is sat on a branch, he ducks just in time to avoid some kunai that have been thrown at him. Saizo then jumps down and runs towards the nearest open area so that he can properly confront whoever threw it. When he gets there, he is soon met by a familiar face, an unwelcome one at that, in the form of Hanzo. Of course Saizo has battled Hanzo before, but Hanzo tells him it takes a lot to truly defeat him. Hanzo then surprises Saizo by telling him that his primary target at the moment was Saizo himself rather than Isanami.

Hanzo goes on to explain that it is not only Saizo who is in battle at the moment, but all of Yukimura’s braves, and that before he does anything with Isanami he is going to have all of the braves killed first.  We then get to see a few of the other braves elsewhere all being ambushed / surprised by an enemy appearance. Hanzo tells Saizo they are Iga’s League of Five and that they are far stronger than Yukimura’s group. The battles in this episode involve Sasuke and Kakei, Benmaru and Nyudo, and of course Saizo vs Hanzo. I can’t really remember if the Iga’s League of Five revealed their names in the episode, if so their names have escaped me, but they were fighting those braves in this episode anyway.

All of the braves end up getting beaten very easily, Iga’s League of Five don’t even break a sweat against them, and Saizo fairs no better against Hanzo. A special mention goes out to the League of Five member though who controls insects, as the giant spider was creepy as hell and had me feeling damn sorry for Kakei and Sasuke.

The next episode looks like it will cover the fights of the remaining braves vs the remaining Iga League members, though while I would usually be looking forward to that, I can’t see them fairing any better than the braves in this episode did. That said, I am very curious as to just how Yukimura and his Brave 10 are going to overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds, and as long as these awesome fights keep happening in the remaining couple of episodes, I think Brave 10 will have done enough to redeem itself as a whole and stand out as a good series.


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