Brave10 Episode 11 – Lamentation of the Darkness Review / Thoughts

After the recent improvement with Brave10, I was expecting more of the same from episode 11, particularly as it’s the penultimate episode of the series. Unfortunately though, it went off on some odd thing that added nothing and wasted most of the episode.

For those who have watched it, as you can guess it was the odd scenes with Yamanosuke under the illusion. In the illusion he / she was a princess, and she had a good looking man as her friend or assistant (whatever he was). In the illusion, “princess” Yamanosuke was insulted and criticised by the other women in the world because of her unfeminine appearance, with her having the tattoo and being flat chested. Of course it didn’t exactly make Yamanosuke happy, but she still didn’t let it get to her too much as she defended her appearance by saying that she likes looking this way.

We then waste the majority of the episode with this boring rubbish, until eventually Yamanosuke realises in the illusion that this isn’t what he / she wanted at all, and while thinking of Saizo and how much she admires him, was able to break free from it and return to the real world. Then what follows is a very brief fight in which the Iga man sent by Hanzo quickly defeated Yamanosuke. Elsewhere, Jinpachi was also defeated fairly quickly by Anastasia.

At the end of the episode, with Saizo in a terrible state after being beaten and sliced up by Hanzo, Isanami succumbs to the evil inside of her when it offers to give her power in exchange for taking control of her body. Isanami throws her hairpin that was supressing it to the ground, and then turns a dark colour and breaks free from the ropes that were binding her. We then see an eclipse take place, as elsewhere Yukimura looks up at the sky and realises this must mean something is happening with Isanami. But as Isanami was heading towards the fallen Saizo, and of course Hanzo, the episode came to an end.

Overall it was an extremely disappointing episode, and was pretty damn boring for 95% of the episode. The illusion scenario dragged out for far too long, and I hate the way the 10 Braves all got their asses kicked in 10 seconds flat by Hanzo’s group. It is looking like Isanami is going to go berserk in the next episode and will probably end up doing an absolute ton of damage to everyone and everything around her, but my only hope is that it doesn’t turn out to be solely Isanami doing everything while the other Braves are made to look bad.


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