Masashi Kishimoto to Take Charge of Scenario and Designs for Next Naruto Movie

That’s right, Masashi Kishimoto himself will be involved with the next Naruto Shippuden movie. So far, this is what is known about his involvement:

The latest Japanese issue of Shonen Jump featured the announcement that Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto will be providing the story and character designs for this summer’s Naruto movie, Road to Ninja. The feature, which celebrates 10 years of Naruto anime, is scheduled to hit Japanese theaters on July 28th.”

Judging from the picture used, it appears as if Tobi will be involved in some form, as will Minato and Kushina. This is all my own speculation as I have heard nothing official about it, but if it does prove to be the case, anything that does have Minato and Kushina in is fine in my book.

*Credit to Crunchyroll and Shonen Jump for the info*


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