Naruto Chapter 579 – Brothers, Fight as One! Review / Thoughts

I honestly don’t even know how I am going to be able to review Naruto chapter 579, I was in such shock and awe the entire time I had a hard job of taking everything in. I wasn’t sure whether to call Kishimoto a troll or a genius, either way, this was one hell of an interesting and exciting chapter.

Kabuto impressed the hell out of me in this chapter, I admit that I thought he would get his ass kicked by Itachi and Sasuke, but he has done a good job of proving me wrong. His techniques were amazing, and showing off his knowledge of Sasuke’s former Taka teammates was incredible. I was pretty disappointed when Kabuto confirmed what some fans have been speculating for ages, that being Karin is an Uzumaki. It feels so unnecessary and tacked on, we already had the big reveal ages ago that Nagato was an Uzumaki which I didn’t have a problem with, but as I said, Karin being one serves no real purpose.

Anyway, back to the positives. Both Sasuke and Itachi used their Susanoo against Kabuto and his Snakes, and seeing the two Susanoo together was admittedly one of the things I was most looking forward to in regards to an Uchiha bros teamup. It goes to show the skill and talent Kabuto possesses since he has so far been able to dodge and keep up with two Uchiha clan members in Susanoo mode.

But that said, I want to quickly move on to the main thing here, that being Kabuto’s reveal at the end of the chapter. Kabuto gaining Sage Mode is something nobody probably ever expected, I know I certainly didn’t! Going back to my earlier point, his knowledge of the inner workings of Sasuke’s ex Taka comrades has served him brilliantly. By studying Suigetsu and his clan, Kabuto has been able to liquify his own body to move between places. He also revealed of course that Karin is an Uzumaki, and most importantly, he revealed the nature (pardon the phrase) of Jugo’s ability. I can’t remember exactly how that went because I was so excited throughout I was rushing through the pages, but it was through that Kabuto was able to aquire his Sage Mode.

Kabuto’s Sage Mode was incredibly unexpected, and the way he told Sasuke that he wasn’t a Snake anymore, but instead is a Dragon was such an epic moment. Seriously, Kabuto being a Dragon is a weird but incredible twist, and I honestly can’t wait to see the kind of amazing powers he is sure to have. What I will say is that Sasuke repeatedly being referred to as Dr Snakes was as hilarious as it was bad. I am glad his knowledge of snakes and what they can do was acknowledged, but that name was beyond ridiculous, I am almost hoping it was the translators trolling haha.

But yes, as you may well have gathered, I thought this was an absolutely incredible chapter and one you can’t afford to miss. The Uchiha bros vs Kabuto has taken a very interesting turn to say the least, and I can see myself reading this chapter more than a few times before the next one comes out next week and settles my desire for more Naruto!


6 Responses to Naruto Chapter 579 – Brothers, Fight as One! Review / Thoughts

  1. Matthew says:

    This was a great chapter. but it makes you think. If kabuto wins that would spoil the major battle with naruto and sasuke. but if kabuto dies then the edo is undone and will spoil the war. but im sure Kishimoto wont disappoint us. But i do wish for kabuto to remain alive he’s a smart and thrilling character. but i did know that kabuto would be one of the main villains. Anyways amazing chapter and cant wait for the next!

  2. Ellery Queen says:

    I actually think this issue sucked. I mean if you look at all the information, it makes no sense. Sasuke killed Danzo and sort of killed Itachi. Itachi slaughtered the entire Uchiha clan. Both Sasuke and Itachi completely raped Orochimaru and they both have sharingans capable of using freaking susanoo. Now all of a sudden they both just purely suck? I mean come on! Kabuto was managing to go up against 2 susanoos simply by turning in to snakes? Plus all of a sudden Sasuke and Itachi just suck balls and can’t even figure out what Kabuto is doing. Kabuto was barely able to get away from Kakashi back in the day and he was Orochimaru’s bitch. Now all of a sudden he can take on fucking Sasuke and Itachi and he’s a dragon? Honestly I often have to ask what the fuck the writer is thinking. I’ve always thought Itachi was the best character in the show along with the 4th hokage. I used to think Sasuke was a total fag but he seems to finally be getting his shit straight at least enough to fight with his brother. If the writer makes Sasuke and Itachi lose I might actually stop reading the manga.

    • Tokyo Mao says:

      I don’t think there’s any real risk of Sasuke and Itachi losing to Kabuto even with his new powerups. I think there is a chance Itachi might be made to lose just to make the battle seem closer and for the possibility of losing out on the chance of talking with his brother like he promised, which would probably make Sasuke go crazy again and want to kill Kabuto.

      I’ll point out a couple of your comments in the interest of fairness to Kishi:

      Sasuke killed Danzo and sort of killed Itachi

      Against Danzo Sasuke had pretty much snapped, he was going crazy and using every last drop of power inside of him to kill Danzo. Itachi purposely let Sasuke kill him, though I get your point that Sasuke was still pulling out all the stops to get the job done. But on both of those occasions Sasuke was emotionally fired up, and most importantly, wanted nothing more than to kill both men.

      Sasuke’s opinion of Kabuto is very different to what it was to either Danzo or Itachi at the time, so even if only subconsciously he can’t be trying to win as much as back then.

      And most important of all, Itachi has specifically told Sasuke that no matter what he can’t kill Kabuto. It reminds me a lot of when the Akatsuki were trying to capture the Jinchuriki (who also needed to be alive). If I remember rightly, Kisame said something about it being far more difficult because he couldn’t just kill his targets. it’s most likely the same thing for Itachi and Sasuke, if they went all out then they would be able to destroy Kabuto. Kabuto is good no question, but against two Mangekyo Sharingan users in Susanoo mode he really wouldn’t have a prayer since he has no way of damaging either Sasuke or Itachi.

      tl;dr: Itachi and Sasuke are most likely holding back somewhat since they need to take Kabuto alive.

      Kabuto was barely able to get away from Kakashi back in the day and he was Orochimaru’s bitch

      I hate this as much as anyone, but what happened in part one of the Naruto series basically counts for nothing in Shippuden. Orochimaru and the 3rd Hokage are two prime examples of this. Hiruzen was hyped to an incredible level, IIRC he was known as the professor because he had mastered every single jutsu in Konoha and was probably regarded as the one of the strongest ninja of all time. In part 2, we get to see far more in terms of characters and what they are capable of, and as such there is probably a whole list of guys now who are equal to or have surpassed the 3rd.

      Orochimaru, well that speaks for itself. In all honesty it was like he was literally unbeatable in part one. Even the strongest ninja at the time (3rd Hokage) was only able to take his arms away from him. Alongside Kabuto he was able to take on both Jiraiya and Tsunade in a summoning battle (though granted Jiraiya was weakened). In part 2 however he basically got trolled by Sasuke and Itachi who kicked his ass without any trouble.

      Basically my point is that the Kabuto who was no stronger than Kakashi was a very long time ago, and for better or worse Kishi has gave almost all the main characters some kind of powerup.

      With all that said, I will give you this one

      “Plus all of a sudden Sasuke and Itachi just suck balls and can’t even figure out what Kabuto is doing”

      For someone like Itachi who is arguably the most gifted and intelligent character in the manga, and who has figured things out like this a million times before, he shouldn’t be having any trouble working out the best way of beating Kabuto.

  3. I think Kishimoto is contrasting how “friends” can be used to augment your own powers. Naruto uses friends as comrades, and they help him willingly.

    Kabuto (and Orochimaru) uses “friends” as fodder, either by experimenting on them or stealing their inherent abilities to augment his own.

    Sasuke uses “friends” passively, neither exploiting them nor encouraging them. Up to a point, they have helped Sasuke of their own free will without any acknowledgement or gratitude from Sasuke. But when they become a hinderance to his goals (ex Karin), he does not hesitate to get rid of them. He has made no effort to find ex-Taka members nor express concern for what happened to them after the Summit of the 5 Kages.

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