Hanasaku Iroha Nendoroid and Beach Figures Released This Year

January 30, 2012

Despite Hanasaku Iroha being released early last year, for some reason there has been a lack of any Nendoroids or figures for the series, but for those disappointed, there is some good news – both a Nendoroid and a set of Beach figures will be released this year!


On the Nendoroid front we will see only Ohana from the series, with it being made by the Goodsmile company. The Ohana Nendoroid is available to preorder now and will be released in March


A bit later this year (varying between July and August) shall see the release of the  Hanasaku Iroha Beach Queens series, which features figures of Ohana, Minko, Nako and Yuina and are made by WAVE. Unfortunately the quality isn’t fantastic on those figures, and they generally retail for roughly 3,100 Yen. For Hanasaku fans keen to get their hands on some figures then it will be fine, but for anyone who likes a lot of detail and quality then you will probably want to give them a miss.

AmiAmi has the Beach Queen series ready to preorder, so if you want to see some photos for yourself then it’s best you check there first as there isn’t enough room in this post to show them all unfortunately.


The Ohana Nendoroid will set you back around 3000 Yen,  but is probably better value considering the difference in quality. While usually I would be happier with the larger figures, the Nendoroid is actually very nice while the figures are only average, so unless you want a figure(s) other than Ohana, I would recommend purchasing the Nendoroid if possible.