If for any reason you need to get in contact with the site admin, you can email me here:

tokyogazette (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

4 Responses to Contact

  1. Joshua Torry says:

    Hello if u need any new ideas about bleach I will come down there and help you figure out some good stuff became I can not stand my favourite show ending .

    • Tokyo Mao says:

      Thanks for the offer, but there’s nothing else to be done to be honest with you.

      I am still reviewing the Manga chapters each week, and nothing any of us fans do will bring the Anime back either. The only things that could be added would be stuff like character bios, and that’s really more something for specialised Bleach websites rather than here which is really more just for reviewing episodes and chapters.

      Thanks again for the offer in any case.

  2. swagat says:

    want bleach…………. plzzzz……..

  3. Dahiana says:

    Pregunta sabes cuando sale hanasaku iroha 2a temporada?? sali’o la pelicuala hanasaku iroha home sweet home pero sigue con una segunda temporada? sabes donde puedo encoontrar el manga??

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