SID’s New Single – Nokoriga – PV Released!

April 14, 2012

I am happy to say I have some good news for fellow fans of J-Rock band SID: Their new single – Nokorigahas now had the PV released!

The Nokoriga single will be officially released on May 2nd,  and another single titled S will be released shortly after on May 9th, but for now you can check out the new PV in the video below!

SID Nokoriga



Watch SID Fuyu No Bench PV

December 23, 2011

Yes indeed, great news for fans of J-Rock band SID – their latest single Fuyu no Bench now has a PV available to watch!

The single is officially released on December 28th

Here is the PV:

Fuyu no Benchi PV from JMusicMaxcaz on Vimeo.

SID Fuyu no Bench Live Preview

December 17, 2011

Following on from my previous post on SID’s upcoming single Fuyu no Bench, there is now a longer performance of the song that was performed live recently. It is still not the finished article, but until the PV comes out then it will probably be the best version available.



SID New Single Fuyu No Bench To Be Released 28th December

December 7, 2011

Yes, as the title says, Visual Kei band SID will be releasing their new single “Fuyu no Bench” on the 28th of December.  As a fan of the band I am glad to hear that their next single has come so soon after their previous one (Itsuka), as there was a long break after Ranbu no Melody before Itsuka was released back in September.

In the meantime, for anyone who wants an idea of what the new single will be like, there is currently a 7 second preview clip on Youtube