Tokyo GazettE is ran solely for the purpose of reviewing and giving news on Anime, Manga and Japanese media for the enjoyment of others. If you enjoy reading this blog and wish to contribute to the site, then please support it by giving donations via the method below.

Or, if you don’t wish to support the site with monetary donations, then Crunchyroll memberships or guest passes so that I can watch the latest Anime to review (while at the same time supporting the Anime industry) are also welcome!

*Crunchyroll Account – Tokyo_Mao *


All donations will be used exclusively to improve this site, and will go towards things such as obtaining a proper domain name and getting more storage space etc etc.  Any donation is welcome regardless of size, so please feel free to donate as much or as little as you choose, all donations are appreciated!

Thank you for visiting the Tokyo GazettE blog!

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