L’Arc~en~Ciel New Album “Butterfly” Release Date Announced

December 27, 2011

For fans of Japanese band  L’Arc~en~Ciel, I can confirm that their new album, titled “Butterfly”, will be released on the 8th of February 2012.  A tracklist for the album is also available and can be seen below:

02. XXX
03. Bye Bye
06. shade of season
08. wild flower
10. NEXUS 4
11. Mirai Sekai


*Credit to Edohsama.blogspot for the info*

Naruto Chapter 568 – The Four Tails: The Sage King of The Apes Review/Thoughts

December 26, 2011

So yes, the chapter came out later this week due to the Christmas holidays hence the late post, but anyway, about the chapter itself.

I was actually expecting Naruto and the Kyuubi to work together for Naruto to escape from the Yonbi (aka Four Tails), but that’s not how things went. Initially when reading through the chapter this week I honestly expected Naruto to absorb/take the Yonbi’s power to not only help him escape but also help in his fight against Tobi and the other Jinchuriki, though of course it wasn’t the case in the end.

I did laugh a bit at Kakashi’s comment about running low on Chakra, if only because he always seems to run out of it faster than anyone else in the series which has become somewhat of a joke to his fans. That said, his Raiton chains were pretty damn badass and it was nice to see a new technique from him, and maybe we will get to see a little more before Naruto inevitably reappears to save the day.

Anyway, I am going to try and be a bit more brief now unfortunately this week, so I will just list the best and worst things about the chapter:


Flashback showing Madara using the Sharingan to control the Kyuubi, while also showing Hashirama and the previous Kyuubi Jinchuriki

Finding out that the tailed beasts all do in fact have actual names (even though I did laugh at Son Goku haha)


Looking worryingly more like at some stage Naruto will gain control over the tailed beasts, or at the very least over the Kyuubi which pretty much ruins it’s character.

Naruto using a short version of TnJ against the Yonbi

So that’s about it, it was a pretty good chapter overall but nothing too special. I was also disappointed by the lack of Sasuke again so soon after he appeared again last week, hopefully we won’t have to wait another 40 or 50 chapters for a one panel showing of his this time though.

Watch SID Fuyu No Bench PV

December 23, 2011

Yes indeed, great news for fans of J-Rock band SID – their latest single Fuyu no Bench now has a PV available to watch!

The single is officially released on December 28th

Here is the PV:

Fuyu no Benchi PV from JMusicMaxcaz on Vimeo.

Naruto Shippuden Anime Schedule For January 2012

December 21, 2011

Normally I probably wouldn’t bother wasting time posting a schedule for Naruto here, especially with the recent months of filler. Honestly I haven’t even watched Naruto since shortly after the canon of the Kage Summit Arc ended, but thankfully not only will it be returning to canon in January, but it also consists of some of my favourite parts from the Shippuden story. For those Anime only watchers,  just know you are in for a treat come January.

Anyway, the full schedule is here:

January 5, 2012 –  Episode 243: Landing! Paradise Island?

January 12, 2012 – Episode 244: Killer Bee and Motoi

January 19, 2012 – Episode 245: Naruto VS Nine-Tails

January 26, 2012 – Episode 246: The Orange Sparkle

The Top 5 Best Anime Openings of 2011

December 18, 2011

Since this year is nearly over, I thought a post on what I consider to be the 5 best Anime OPs of 2011 was a nice idea. Admittedly I don’t watch as many series as some people, but still more than enough to make fair judgements I feel.

If you want to post your own favourites then please feel free to do so in the comments below!

Anyway, here are my 5 favourites for 2011:

5 – A Whole New World God Only Knows  (The World God Only Knows Series 2 OP)

4 – Hacking to the Gate (Steins;Gate OP)

3 – Lovers  (Naruto Shippuden OP 9)

2 – Harukaze  (Bleach OP 15)

1 –  Kuso Mesorogiwi  (Mirai Nikki OP)

SID Fuyu no Bench Live Preview

December 17, 2011

Following on from my previous post on SID’s upcoming single Fuyu no Bench, there is now a longer performance of the song that was performed live recently. It is still not the finished article, but until the PV comes out then it will probably be the best version available.



Naruto Chapter 567 – The Jinchuriki of Konoha Review / Thoughts

December 15, 2011

Last week we were given a brilliant end to the chapter that promised us an awful lot, and although not perfect (but then again when is anything perfect?) I feel the latest chapter did not disappoint.

As you can see from that lovely picture above, Sasuke was in this chapter, albeit only briefly. That said, I was just glad to see him again and also that he was what the chapter started with so recieved the colour page treatment.

Anyway, aside from Sasuke, we go back to Tobi and his Edo Jinchuriki vs Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy. One of the things that disappointed me slightly with this chapter is that instead of facing Tobi, Guy and Kakashi instead only helped fight the Jinchuriki. While normally this wouldn’t be a bad thing, I can’t help but think it’s a waste of Tobi who for the most part stands still and doesn’t get involved. It was interesting to see one of the tailed beasts turn against Tobi, though he could easily stop it and not recieve any damage, with the Tailed Beasts apparently disliking the fact one of their own kind were suffering, at least that’s what the 8 tails claimed.

While it was nice enough seeing Bee, Naruto, Guy and Kakashi against the Jinchuriki, I was ideally hoping to see Tobi fight properly for the first time in his current form. However, with Sasuke’s appearance and Tobi’s lack of action, it does make me think that my earlier prediction in my last post about Sasuke soon facing Tobi will be correct, and that in itself will be fantastic. Don’t get me wrong though, while it’s true most of this post has been pointing out the negatives, there were also positives too and the Jinchuriki fights were good in their own right, I guess I was just expecting a different kind of chapter than what Kishi had in mind.

Overall it was a fine chapter packed with action, and the end was done nicely in that it hints we may see either the Kyuubi cooperating fully with Naruto at last, or else we will finally find out what “that” jutsu is referring to.